Now Available: Changing Ways in print, Canis Minor, and more!

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Now available in print from DriveThruRPG: Changing Ways for Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition!

The Garou Nature

The Garou are warriors of Gaia. Part human, part wolf, and part spirit they look like what humans think of as werewolves but are so much more. Though most come into the world as humans or wolves, that state does not last. Wolf-born gain a spark of human intelligence after their Change, while those born to humans must cope with the instincts of a hunter, and the burning need to be part of a pack. Those poor wretches born to two werewolves grow up never knowing any different, and that leaves them with a unique outlook on the world. Beyond their fluid bodies and warrior’s minds, each Garou has the blessings of the spirit world that empowers their fight for Gaia.

Red in Tooth and Claw

Changing Ways is an in-depth look at what it means to be a werewolf, both on a personal level and as part of a pack. It digs deep into what it feels like to have bones re-knit after breaking, the range of senses ...1 COMMENT

Strange Aeons [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Yep, we’re at that strange part of the Trinity Continuum: Aeon Kickstarter, the part where things kind of plod along with a pledge here and there. (So I’ve included this new art above to kind of be the totem of shaking things up and making some action happen!) Amazingly, it took us until three-quarters of the way through to plateau for a bit. We’ve had KSs that plateaued three days after they started!

So now’s the time to tell all your friends if you’re a backer, and to take another look at the KS if you haven’t backed yet. Please, if you have time, post in social media so word gets out. In particular, if you know somebody that was a fan of Trinity back in the day, they may not be up on who is publishing what, or that this Kickstarter is even happening to bring back the game.

We always have folks coming to us after a KS wanting to know if they could still pledge because they missed hearing about it while it was running. If we can get ...15 COMMENTS

Canis Minor is Now Active!

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I’m excited to announce the launch of Canis Minor, the community content program for Pugmire! You can find out all about it here:

Canis Minor is our imprint that allows you — our Pugmire community — to create and sell self-published material for the Pugmire roleplaying game. You can offer your work for free, set a price, or make it pay-what-you-want. We’ll give you some resources to help you out, and a marketplace for other Pugmire fans to use, and we split the income with you. Some excited fans even have a few PDFs that you can download right away, both as inspiration for your own work and to use at your table tonight.

This is an exciting new step for me. Ever since I’ve started talking about Pugmire, I’ve heard so many great ideas for new characters, stories, and enemies. There’s no way I could possibly pet all the dogs… uh, I mean, publish all those ideas, so I’m glad Onyx Path and Pugsteady can offer an avenue for those ideas to see the light of day.


The Doors of Death [Geist: The Sin-Eaters]

Geist: The Sin-Eaters

Got the latest Geist update from Travis:

The Bound are not merely people possessed by the dead. A Sin-Eater’s geist is a conduit through which she can draw on the power of the Underworld itself. She unleashes tendrils of Plasm that take physical form as bleeding walls, flying knives, and skeletal apparitions. She lays deadly curses, draws her geist into her flesh to transform her body, or infuses her voice with the keening wails of the dead.

All Haunts draw their power from the Underworld, the Sin-Eater (or her geist) weaving Plasm into a form that befits the Haunt, whether that’s invisible strings that fling objects around a room or black-iron talons wrapped around her fingers. As she advances her understanding of a Haunt, she discovers novel new ways to weave Plasm into the Haunt’s effects, and as her raw ability to store and channel Plasm increases, she gains the ability to sling powerful Haunts at a moment’s notice.


For Geist Second Edition, we’ve kept the seven Haunts from the first edition core rulebook (back when they were called Manifestations), but we’ve added ...53 COMMENTS

Now Available: Arms of the Chosen in print!

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Now available in print from DriveThruRPG: Arms of the Chosen for Exalted 3rd Edition!

Take up the panoply of legendary heroes and lost ages, and awaken the world-shaking might of their Evocations. Before the dawn of time, the Exalted wielded god-metal blades to cast down the makers of the universe. In an ancient epoch of forgotten glories, Creation’s greatest artificers forged unimaginable wonders and miracle-machines.

Now, in the Age of Sorrows, kingdoms go to war over potent artifacts, scavenger princes risk everything to uncover relics of the past, and the Exalted forge great arms and armor on the anvil of legend. These treasures are yours to master.

Discover the mystical power of the five magical materials and the secrets of creating your own Evocations. Wield weapons of fabled might and don the armor of mythic heroes, making their puissance your own. Claim Creation’s wonders: the miraculous tools of the Chosen, living automatons, flying machines, hearthstones, and more. And unleash the mighty warstriders, titanic god-engines of conquest and devastation, to once more shake Creation with their footfalls.


These products have been added to our RedBubble ...14 COMMENTS

Canis Minor-ly [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Why yes, first Canis Minor is a constellation. Constellations are groups of stars…in SPACE.

Can you see where this is going?

Trinity Continuum: Aeon has a whole lot of space action and exploration, and we’ve reached the part of the Kickstarter where we will start unlocking the full text to TC: Aeon in stages for all backers to read and wonder at!

(We have unlocked all of the text of the Trinity Continuum Core book these last two weeks, now it is TC: Aeon‘s turn).

For Impish Ian Watson and John Snead and all their aemazing writers, this is the end of a very long creative process. Just years and years since we knew we could greenlight the Trinity Continuum books. Now finally, backers will be able to read and dig into this labor of love!



Dragon Blooded illustration by Gunship Revolution



If you are an Aeon Trinity (or Aeon/Trinity) fan from way back and haven’t backed yet, now is the time! In the unlikely event that you don’t like what you see, you can cancel your pledge before the KS is over and no ...44 COMMENTS

One Foot in the Grave [Geist 2e]

Geist: The Sin-Eaters

Here’s a peek at some text from the upcoming Geist: The Sin-Eaters!

One Foot in the Grave

After a close race, Sin-Eaters themselves pulled out in front of the Underworld by a narrow margin, so let’s talk about the Bound.

First and foremost: Sin-Eaters are dead. The fact that they’re still wearing their bodies and walking around with a pulse is immaterial — they died, they made their Bargain with a terrifying specter, and they got back up with a roiling ball of Plasm and fury where their soul should be. As far as the Underworld (and the Reapers) are concerned, they’re dead. As far as (most) ghosts are concerned, they’re dead. As far as other mystical forces are concerned, they’re dead. And yet, the Bound are still wearing their bodies and walking around with a pulse. They’re in a position of privilege denied the average ghost, who can scarcely do more than make herself briefly glimpsed or whisper a few brief words to the living — and that’s a bitter pill for some ghosts to swallow.

The reason the Bound occupy such a ...57 COMMENTS

Now Available: The Secret of Vinsen’s Tomb: A Pugmire Jumpstart!

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Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: The Secret of Vinsen’s Tomb: A Pugmire Jumpstart for Pugmire!

“You! You are the ones that must be destroyed in the name of the Monarchies!”

— One-Eyed Molly

A cat living in Pugmire disappears, but neither the police dogs nor the cats of the Cat Quarter know why. When zombies attack the heroes, however, all signs point to an invasion by the Monarchies of Mau. But how does this intrigue tie into the lost tomb of the first king of Pugmire?

“The Secret of Vinsen’s Tomb” is a Pugmire story for three to six characters. This jumpstart contains all the rules and characters you need to play — just grab some dice and go! You can also use this adventure with the full version of Pugmire.

The Secret of Vinsen’s Tomb contains:

An evocative and mysterious setting that’s both family friendly and deep enough to create compelling stories. A summary of Pugmire’s traditional fantasy rules system. It’s designed for streamlined play, with an emphasis on cooperation and action over competition and violence. A complete adventure for a Guide to run for three to six players. Also useful for Guides ...1 COMMENT

To the Stars! And Back to the Ground. [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Trinity Continuum: Aeon art by Marco Mazzoni



Yes, we have zoomed to the stars! The Trinity Continuum: Aeon Kickstarter has funded and six days in we’re actually over 200% funded and we have over 1200 backers!

It is so thrilling to read the response from not only our old Trinity fans, thanks to every one of you for keeping the love alive, but amazingly, we’re seeing tons of backers who are new to Trinity jumping into the KS! Which makes me really glad that Jammin’ James Bell, our Kickstarter Manager, has included a large selection of Trinity first edition PDFs so that new folks can get a taste of all the 1e magic. And that PDF set is growing bigger with Stretch Goal rewards that add more Trinity 1e PDFs.

Yes, a third of our Stretch Goals are for the PDF lovers and newcomers to Trinity. This does not in any way take away from the remaining two thirds of our SGs that add more stuff to our backers’ rewards. You see, Jammin’ James has arranged the SGs so that the added ...54 COMMENTS

Release Roundup: January 2018

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2018’s off to a great start! Here’s what we’ve released this month:

Vampire: The Masquerade: Beckett’s Jyhad Diary (PDF/print) Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Pentex Employee Indoctrination Handbook (PDF/print) Exalted: Hundred Devils Night Parade part 9: Armored Kraken and Ghostfisher (PDF) Exalted: Adversaries of the Righteous part 4: Ku Nenaveya (PDF) Vampire: The Requiem: Half-Damned (print) Changeling: The Lost: The Huntsmen Chronicle Anthology (ebook/print) Merch Exalted Art: Chibi Volfer (phone cases) Exalted Art: Chibi Perfect Soul (phone cases) Exalted Art: Chibi Iselsi Shen (phone cases) Exalted Art: Chibi Novia Claro (phone cases) Exalted Art: Chibi Prince Diamond (phone cases) Requiem for Rome: The Camarilla (shirts) Requiem for Rome: Rome Clan: Daeva (shirts) Requiem for Rome: Rome Clan: Gangrel (shirts) Requiem for Rome: Rome Clan: Julii (shirts) Requiem for Rome: Rome Clan: Mekhet (shirts) Requiem for Rome: Rome Clan: Nosferatu (shirts) Vampire: The Requiem: Daeva Bloodline: Zelani (shirts) Vampire: The Requiem: Gangrel Bloodline: Annunaku (shirts) Vampire: The Requiem: Mekhet Bloodline: Angustri (shirts) Vampire: The Requiem: Nosferatu Bloodline: Azerkatil (shirts) Vampire: The Requiem: Ventrue Ghoul Family: The Alleymen (shirts) Vampire: The Requiem: Covenant: Belial’s Brood (shirts) Storytellers Spotlight

The following community-created content has been added in the last month:

Vampire: The Victorian Age: Clanbook: Blood Brothers Vampire: The Victorian Age: Rising Flames: The Berlin Chronicles Vampire: The Victorian Age: Vampire: The Victorian Age V20 Color Templates (Word) Vampire: The Victorian Age: Vampire: The ...READ MORE