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Now in Print for September 27

These books are all newly-available via DriveThruRPG’s Now in Print program! Classic World of Darkness WTA: Gurahl MTAs: Guide to the Traditions CTD: Kithbook: Pooka HTR: Hunter Book: Judge DTF: Demon Storytellers Companion

A Tad Bit Late & A Tad Bit Short

So we did actually have a Lunch Meeting this week, on Tuesday, and I’m actually rushing to write this up on Weds night before I head out Thursday to the airport and fly down to ATL for Atlanta By Night, the convention that has replaced the Grand Masquerade this year. This last week has been…

Seeing in the dark

Been eight years since Vampire came out. I’ve been running it all that time, and so have a lot of you. And there have been seven (almost eight) World of Darkness games since. They’ve taught us a lot about life, love, and friendship. As well as shivving dudes in alleys because we want their blood just…

Now in Print for September 20

These books are all newly-available via DriveThruRPG’s Now in Print program! Classic World of Darkness cWOD: World of Darkness: Demon Hunter X VTM: Book of the Kindred WTA: Tribebook: Black Furies Revised WTA: Possessed MTAs: Forged by Dragon’s Fire WTO: Book of Legions CTD: Kithbook: Sluagh DTF: Damned and Deceived

Avast, ye scurvy land-lubbers

In honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day, the following books are FREE today only! World of Darkness: Blood-Dimmed Tides Exalted: Savage Seas Also relevant to today is Trinity’s Trinity Field Report: Oceania, which is always free.

You Call That a “Promotion”?

So, Monday Meeting on Tuesday as I had to postpone yesterday. Eddy is feeling much improved from last week, except going up and down stairs, and is ready for the panels next week at Atlanta by Night. But not ready for LARPing- too much movement involved. I suggested he take legless as a Flaw, and…

Its a month since we announced and WOW


Last month, at Gen-Con, we announced that Onyx Path Publishing has the license to publish new White Wolf tabletop products in the nWoD, cWoD, and Exalted game-lines. Since we’ve been doing exactly that since January and set up the schedule that has been available since late July, you can see that Onyx already has made…