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Changeling: The Dreaming


2015 is a big year for Changeling, since Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition and Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition are both in the works. A couple of weeks ago we dropped a Dreaming poster, which was the first CTD-branded release in more than ten years.

Since you’ve all been very good and very patient, how about some shirts with the kith stained glass symbols? Available now in our RedBubble store:

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5 Useful Facts About Onyx Path [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting


Every so often, I like to reiterate a few points relating to who Onyx Path Publishing is and what we strive for and believe in. The mere fact that we can believe in things other than “sell lots of books” (although we do believe in that too), should let folks know we are not a big corporate structure, but it helps to restate these things again. Plus, these five things are all related to discussions which we talked about in our weekly Monday Onyx Path meetings today:

1) Onyx Path products start with a PDF version. That first PDF is an electronic file, so we can change it and fix it if it needs that kind of care. A PDF = easy to change, a printed book…not so much. Because of that we have started waiting for feedback from our Kickstarter backers on KS’d books before we go to press. In fact, we also now put out Advance PDFs of non-Kickstarted books so that we have time to get feedback on those PDFs as well. We want these projects to ultimately get into your hands with ...55 COMMENTS

The Prince’s Gambit v2

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Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Logo

Version Two of the Prince’s Gambit is ready for playtest! As ever, if you have feedback, please leave it below, or in the comments at the Google Drive Rules file.

Changes For This Iteration Clans and special abilities for them Additional 1-Praxis Intrigues to change the frequency and distribution of Intrigues It’s easier for the Sabbat to win (7 Praxis versus 10 for the Camarilla victory) Minor adjustments and fixes, including Prestige tie resolution and markers for player seats Added number of players required to Intrigue cards Version Notes

The Clans were originally intended to impose a starting set of Traits on the player, but this iteration leaves that out. I’d rather allow the players the leeway to play against clan stereotypes and see what emergent combinations arise than cleave to a strict archetypical presentation of the clans. If players figure out clever interactions between the special abilities and the Traits, that’s a better outcome than a strictly defined starting condition.

The Praxis points required for a sect victory changed because it was too hard for the Sabbat to achieve victory with a 10-point goal, given that they pretty rapidly ...READ MORE

Now Available: More Classic Cover Art Shirts!

Mage: The Ascension, Werewolf: The Apocalypse


More classic art from previous book covers is now available in shirt form from our RedBubble store!

For Werewolf: The Apocalypse:

Apocalypse by Ron Spencer Book of the Wyrm 2nd Edition by Ron Spencer W20 Book of the Wyrm by Ron Spencer Caerns: Places of Power by Scott Hampton Rage Across Appalachia by Richard Kane Ferguson

For Mage: The Ascension:

Dead Magic II: Secrets and Survivors by Jason Felix Guide to the Traditions by Dan Brereton Horizon: The Stronghold of Hope by John Van Fleet Initiates of the Art by Lawrence Snelly Technomancer’s Toybox by Leif Jones 3 COMMENTS

Is This A Joke? [Pugmire]


pugmire graphic

First off, check out the new Pugmire image that Rich put together for the website. It really sells both the sense of exploration and of mourning that I love about Pugmire.

Wait, mourning? Yes. But I’ll get to that in a bit.

One question I get regularly is whether Pugmire is a joke. Given that I’ve been responsible for some pranks in the past when I worked with White Wolf, it’s somewhat of a fair question. The short answer is obviously “it isn’t,” but there are nuances to the question that are more complex beyond the obvious “this is a real game that is being made.”

For example, it isn’t a typical Onyx Path game on the surface. It’s not using pools of d10s, it isn’t gritty and dark, and it’s not geared to an adult audience. Over the past nine years I’ve gotten pretty good at working on those kinds of games, and I’m happy to keep doing so, but part of the reason for developing Pugmire is that I wanted to try something different. That’s one of the great points of ...37 COMMENTS

Red List: Help Us Finalize the Newest Anathema

Open Development, Vampire: The Masquerade

Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition V20

Hi Vampire fans!

At long last, Dread Names: Red List is nearing completion! Matt M McElroy and I are just about to finish our last pass before sending the manuscript over to editing, but we wanted to get your feedback on the newest Anathema and third infernalist on the Red List.

Our design goals for Marisa Santos y Rodriguez were to create an infernalist character that was shrouded in mystery. She could be Baali or she could be Lasombra, and her reasons for becoming an infernalist may or may not be connected to her past. As the newest member of the List, we thought that the Alastors may not have had enough time to investigate her further, and the new Brujah Justicar would have supplied the vast majority of the information about Marisa to others.

We also wanted to ensure that Marisa was different from the other two infernalists on our List, to show that the world of Vampire is still full of mystery. We drew our inspiration from Rites of the Blood, and felt that the Josians shared some similar traits to Alastors. We feel that ...81 COMMENTS

Beware the Ides of St. Patrick’s Day! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting


Can you believe that this silly picture that Impish Ian, living up to his name, posted early Sunday as just a timely funny pic has generated over 4,000 retweets, over 1,000 favorites, and added around a hundred new followers to our Onyx Path Twitter account? We were stunned. We should stop all this unnecessary nonsense with publishing games and get right into more stabbed salad dressings! French for Bastille Day! Green Goddess for the First Day of Spring! The possibilities are endless!

Eddy and I talked about his continuing experiences freelancing into the computer game biz. It seems far more uncertain than tabletop RPGs, in terms of how quickly a project can fall apart. Maybe that’s just my perspective but tabletop games generally do get made once work has begun; certainly it’s more the rule than not. We also talked about the first sketch I’m working on for some characters in Pugmire to provide to the illustrators who will use my pieces as reference. Lot’s of good decisions there as to what our “uplifted dogs” are going to look like: five-fingered, ...66 COMMENTS

Into the Hurt Locker

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Hey everyone! David Hill here.

I’m getting drafts in for World of Darkness: Hurt Locker. They’re looking good. I want to share a few things with you. This is basically open and up for play testing. I would love to see notes. But I need to lay some ground rules for that occurring:

First off, notes need to be in one place. I’ve set up a forum thread for that. I’ll pay attention to that thread. Don’t bother commenting on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. These are super raw drafts. Please don’t reiterate points. I’m not looking for consensus or “votes”. If someone said, “this issue exists”, don’t second it. I don’t want to bog down the conversation. If you have a new point or thought, cool. But don’t dogpile the conversation, please. Some points don’t need context. “This has seven dots, Merits don’t go to seven dots” doesn’t need context. But, “This is unbalanced” is not really a point that helps anyone. That’s subjective. Now, if you played with it, and it created a specific experience at your table, I want to know. Speaking in experiences ...1 COMMENT

Fallen World Anthology in print, plus SHIRTPOCALYPSE

Changeling: The Lost, Demon: The Descent, Mage: The Ascension, Mage: The Awakening, Mummy: The Curse, Werewolf: The Forsaken

Fallen World

The Fallen World Chronicle Anthology is now available in print at DriveThruFiction, bringing our total number of Chronicle Anthologies in print up to five!

The world is a Lie

A prison for souls warped by an Abyss of madness. People Sleep through their lives, never knowing the wonders and terrors concealed from them. Awakened mages see the Lie for what it is, scratching the surface and uncovering the World of Darkness’ Mysteries. Each is a revelation, a danger, an obsession in the making. Armed with magic and a need to know, mages confront the supernatural and unexplained.

The Fallen World Anthology contains 12 short stories (8 original to this collection) of magic and mystery, in celebration of the second edition of Mage: The Awakening.

Featuring stories by: Rick Chillot, Wood Ingham, Matthew McFarland, John Newman, Malcolm Sheppard, Geoff Skellams, Tristan J Tarwater, Eddy Webb, and Eric Zawazdki.

Whoops! Almost forgot to add the Demon: The Descent Storyteller Screen PDF!

Here’s what the Demon: the Descent Storyteller’s Screen includes:

Full color, 11″ x 25.5″ collage of selected beautiful art from Demon: the Descent Three 8.5″ x 11″ pages of collected charts and tables selected ...7 COMMENTS

Same Path. Different Web-design. [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting



We talked mostly about three things today. The first you can hear more about in the BLURBS! section below, and that was the launch last Weds. of the Advance PDF of the Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd Edition featuring the Idigam Chronicle core rulebook. Awhooo! Very pleased with how well the book came together and with how excited folks have been with the new ideas and shifted first edition emphasis that Stew Wilson and his team created. And I’m loving the new cover- there is a directness to the challenge of that staring wolf that crackles-  thanks, Mirthful Mike!

Just a word about the Advance PDF idea. This is something we’ve been doing for different projects for well over a year, and we’ve been so thrilled with the results that now any of our projects that aren’t from a Kickstarter come out first as an Advance PDF. This is pretty much a stage where we are looking for members of our community to do what they always do with our new books and let us know about any mistakes or hard to understand areas that ...75 COMMENTS