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Still from Dreamscape (1984, dir., Joseph Ruben)

Still from Dreamscape (1984, dir., Joseph Ruben)

The Begotten are born of primal horror, the simple, revolting, visceral fears that plague people the world over. Beasts can harness the power of these fears and inflict them upon others, to exert control, make a target isolated and paranoid, and even kill with pure terror.

Beasts of any Family or Hunger can learn any Nightmare; fears of illness, isolation, death, and justice are common and easy for any Beast to harness. The Children can also call upon their Kinship with other supernatural creatures to create new and unique Nightmares. These Kinship Nightmares can be quite broad (You Are Infected could stem from any vampire), specific to a subset of the creature in question (Your Tools Betray You might be created from an Iron Master werewolf), or based on one particular character. So if my Beast is down with, say, Zita Vargas, the example of character creation from Geist: The Sin-Eaters (I would have used one from Vampire or Werewolf 2nd Ed, but they don’t have example characters, lamentably, and Promethean isn’t out yet), then he might have ...49 COMMENTS

Changeling the Lost Second Edition: Beasts

Changeling: The Lost, Open Development


Lost 2.0 is coming.

I’ve talked a bit about it. How Kith is defined by the role you play in Arcadia, by the place your Keeper put you. Seeming is defined by that moment where you took control, where you broke free. We’re set to have about 100 Kiths in the Lost 2.0 core rulebook. We’re set to have six Seemings, and one additional one in REDACTED. I wanted to share a Seeming with you, to show you how they look and feel.

Each will flavour and influence its Kith. You look like your Kith, but your Seeming makes it unique and yours. Certain types of people are likely to end up as a Seeming, that’s covered in Background. After all, your personality helps determine how and why you take control. The actual escape is the defining moment, that’s in the Seeming description. Blessings are anchor points you can use to freely regain Clarity, by grounding yourself in certain behaviour that’s natural to you. Curses are things that risk your Clarity, unique to your Seeming.

So here you go. Beasts. This is brought ...64 COMMENTS

Now Available: Classic Posters

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Three new posters are now available for Classic WoD fans. We’re celebrating Earth Day by some art from Gaia’s best friend, the Wyrm:

Dark Ages: Vampire: Players Guide to High Clans by Adrian Smith Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Book of the Wyrm 2nd Edition by Ron Spencer Werewolf: The Apocalypse: W20 Book of the Wyrm by Ron Spencer 1 COMMENT

How We Do What We Do. [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Toreador 01


This week, due to popular demand from both our community and the Onyx Path gang in our meeting today, I’m going to explain a little bit about how we go from a pitched idea for a project through writing and development to layout and ending up with a book. I’m not going to give you a set in stone, this MUST be done like this, kind of explanation, though. Instead, I’ll cover the steps you see below all my chatter each week in the Updates as a process that we generally cover for each book. Obviously, if you’ve been following the updates you’ll have noticed that some steps take longer on one project than they do on another. We like to keep that flexible so that any process we use doesn’t become more important that the book itself.

We’ve talked about Pitch Season before. That magical time at the end of a year when our developers and writers send in their ideas for what new projects they’d like to add to the schedule. I take a look at the ideas and ...47 COMMENTS


Beast: The Primordial

Still from Ravenous (1999, dir. Antonia Bird)

Still from Ravenous (1999, dir. Antonia Bird)

Every Beast has cravings.

Beasts’ bodies are human, they need food and water and so on just like any other living thing. But the Soul of a Beast is a primordial monster. Its needs stem from the nightmares that formed it. The Beast’s Soul – and therefore the Beast herself – require spiritual sustenance. If the Soul isn’t fed, it goes roaming through the Primordial Dream, inflicting nightmares on sleeping humans, taking what it needs without regard for the consequences.

It behooves the Children, then, to make sure they feast regularly. But what does a monster eat?

Beast details first primal Hungers. These determine how the Beast increases her Satiety, and inform her approach and personality. The Hungers are:

The Hunger for Power (Tyrants): Tyrants are Beasts who crave power, feeding off the act of besting someone and proving their own superiority. They bask in the fear, respect, and trembling worship of those beneath them, whether the Beast is standing at the top of the pyramid or controlling things from the shadows while their subjects tremble at the ...25 COMMENTS

Now Available: Posters, Bloodlines in print, and shirts!

Mage: The Ascension, Vampire: The Masquerade, Vampire: The Requiem

bitter road

We have a wide variety of different things ready for you this week:

Now in Print

Vampire: The Requiem’s Bloodlines: The Chosen is available via print-on-demand for the first time! Uncovered here are entries for many of the bloodlines listed in the Requiem 1e core rulebook, based on submissions sent in by fans: the Agonistes, Baddacelli, Duchagne, Noctuku, Rötgrafen, Sangiovanni, Taifa, California Xiao, Tianpàn Xiao, and Yagnatia.


Eleven new shirt designs: one Onyx Path design and ten for Kindred of the East.

Retro Onyx Path: Older WW fans might recognize this design. Kindred of the East: Dragon Cover: Demon Hunter X by Duncan Fegredo Cover: Half-Damned: Dhampyr by John Van Fleet Cover: Heresies of the Way by Dave Leri Cover: Killing Streets by Christopher Shy Cover: Kindred of the East Companion by Leif Jones Cover: San Francisco by Night by Michael Gaydos Cover: Shadow War by Duncan Fegredo Cover: The 1000 Hells by George Pratt Cover: World of Darkness: Tokyo by John Van Fleet Posters

Mage: The Ascension Revised Poster by William O’Connor The Bitter Road Poster by Christopher Shy Horizon: The Stronghold of Hope Poster by John Van Fleet 7 COMMENTS


Beast: The Primordial

From The Addams Family (1991, dir. Barry Sonnenfeld)

From The Addams Family (1991, dir. Barry Sonnenfeld)

One of the big themes of Beast: The Primordial is family. The characters in Beast refer to themselves collectively as “the Children” (or, if they’re feeling formal, “the Begotten”) and consider themselves the offspring of the Dark Mother. The first monster, the mother of nightmares. Lilith, Tiamat, Hekate, the Queen Mother of the West — she’s been called a hundred different names in tongues still living and long dead alike, described in a thousand ways across ten thousand years, but these days her Children usually call her the Dark Mother. Some say she was the first being to travel the Primordial Dream and absorb its secrets, then brought them back to this world and formed them into her children. Others claim that she is the Primordial Dream given form, and that when she walks once more the world will know fear like it hasn’t since the dawn of time.

Intrinsic to the theme of family are a couple of sub-themes, if you will:

One Big “Happy”

Regardless of the truth, all Beasts recognize the Dark Mother as the first ...57 COMMENTS

After the Sound & Fury… [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting

Lasombra 3


After last week’s blog, how about we get back to business as usual? And in a lot of our worlds, the above picture by Sam Araya for V20 Lore of the Clans (see below) is business as usual! But no, first I just need to take a minute to touch base on all the great responses I got this whole last week to that blog, and to clarify one thing.

Thanks to each and every one of you who took the time to reach out, either on this blog or through other methods, and let me know how much you appreciate what we have tried to do and are doing with Onyx Path. The good wishes, accolades, and most of all, the understanding, was incredibly heartening and I’ve passed your support on to our gang and our creative teams that are kicking ass on projects around the world. Remember they’re the ones who make all these amazing books possible, and who really need to hear the yays.

The one thing I wanted to clarify came out of some of the responses last week about ...115 COMMENTS

Lancea et Sanctum Merits and Miracles Playtest [Vampire: The Requiem]

Open Development, Vampire: The Requiem


Now, presenting our final playtest blog for Secrets of the Covenants: the Lancea et Sanctum! Here’s an assortment of new Merits and Miracles for your characters.

When discussing this, please link to the original document, rather than reposting it. I sometimes make changes or clarifications in response to feedback.

Please note that we’re primarily interested in what happens when you put this to work at your table, so actual playtest feedback is much appreciated. Also, this hasn’t been edited, so we’re not looking for grammar/spelling corrections.

<Click here for the playtest materials>


Welcome to My Nightmare [Beast: The Primordial]

Beast: The Primordial, Open Development

Still from Deep Rising (1998, dir. Stephen Sommers)

Still from Deep Rising (1998, dir. Stephen Sommers)

Eve loosened the hoodie. She had pulled it tight around her face, trying to screen out the world, for all the good it had done. The cafeteria was too loud, and the sounds too diverse. Boys thumping on tables, high-pitched laughter from girls, the hum of the microphone that the lunch lady used, in vain, to get them to shut up. Eve stared down into her juice, and thought of water, the silent, cool, Boundless Deeps. She felt the cold on her skin, and she was home, if only in her mind.

Something slammed into her back and pitched her forward. One of the boys — Antonio — was playing catch using a wadded up piece of paper and had slipped. Eve stood up, wiping juice and the remnants of her lunch from her hoodie. She turned to face him.

“My bad,” said Antonio. Eve said nothing. Antonio didn’t wait for acknowledgement, he just turned and went back to his game.

Eve reached out and grabbed him by the hair. She pulled, ...75 COMMENTS