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Now in Print: November 29

Now available in print via DriveThruRPG: Classic World of Darkness WOD: Midnight Circus WTA: Mokolé CTD: Freeholds & Hidden Glens World of Darkness VTR: Nomads MTAw: Legacies: The Ancient

New Release: Convention Book: New World Order

Convention Book: New World Order is out! The first new Mage: The Ascension book in eight years. The first new Convention Book in almost 11 years. Heroes of Reality The proud men and women who serve the New World Order are the paragons and saviors of humanity. These Enlightened minds have the thankless job of…

Post-Turkey, Pre-Fir Tree

Wow- where did November go? So Eddy and I caught up on the holiday, some positive infrastructure evolution at CCP USA, and only a little talk about Rise of the Guardians, which I was hesitant to see based on reviews and then enjoyed when dragged there by my kids. Lots of very pretty and evocative…

Black Friday

We’ve got some big big sales going on this weekend over at DriveThruRPG, but they’re flying too fast and furious for this blog! Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ pages, or this reddit thread, to stay up to date!

New Release: God-Machine Chronicle Anthology

The God-Machine Chronicle Anthology is now available on DriveThruFiction and in PDF, eBook, and print formats! (If you have an account at DriveThruRPG, you already have one at DriveThruFiction.) In 2004, the World of Darkness Rulebook introduced a concept that intrigued, tantalized and inspired readers and players, and left them with the question: What…

‘Ears to you, Eddy Webb.

Eddy had some great news, health-wise. He’s had almost no perceptible hearing loss from the operations and is pretty much back to where he was earlier this year- which the doctor says is an amazing recovery. Good on you, mate! We spent far too long on a kind of dual train of consciousness conversation that…

Now in Print: November 15

Now available in print via DriveThruRPG: Classic World of Darkness DAV: House of Tremere WTA: Corax WTO: Mediums: Speakers with the Dead World of Darkness WOD: Mysterious Places VTR: New Wave Requiem (now in color!) WTF: The Rage: Forsaken Player’s Guide Exalted Exalted Storyteller’s Companion Second Edition Graceful Wicked Masques: The Fair Folk

The Finest Actor of His Generation

After a week of knuckling down and trying to get caught up after Sandy (not completely up to date, but made a dent in it- thanks for asking) I went out last night to see Shatner’s World and very much enjoyed seeing a man whose message was “Say yes- take risks”. Eddy and I discussed…