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A new round of shirts for you are now available in our RedBubble store:

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Beckett is Live! Or Something Like That Because He is a Vampire…[Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Mark Kelly: Beckett for V20 Beckett's Jyhad Diary

So first off, thanks to everybody who sent me get well messages. Feeling much better, and your salutations really did help. Although I really couldn’t appreciate them until after we launched the Deluxe Beckett’s Jyhad Diary Kickstarter, as that was something I just had to get done – fever or no fever.

But launch we did last Thursday, and we’re already past 90% of the way to funding! We’re hoping to get backer feedback in two ways with this: 1) voting on which chapter to reveal next, and 2) picking which of three Stretch Goal options we do next. Unlike the Dark Eras KS where we had some options that never got the votes to go into the book, for Beckett we’re going to offer the next three Stretch Goals that we will definitely do if the goal amount is passed, but our voters decide which order we do them in.

So pop by and check out the fun:



Chronicles of Darkness: Hurt Locker art by Avery Butterworth


I’ve talked a lot over the years about my interest in Onyx Path exploring the ...55 COMMENTS

The Deluxe Beckett’s Jyhad Diary Kickstarter is now live!

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It’s ever been a loaded word among Kindred. Jyhad is in force everywhere from lofty, perfumed Elysium to cloying, smoke-filled blood feasts. Jyhad’s the eternal game played by elders, Methuselahs, and worse — it’s the agenda of beings so utterly beyond humanity, one such as yourself could scarcely understand its movements.

Luckily for you, you’ve picked up a copy of my diary. With my help you may just take a step on the first rung of understanding. Information worth having is information you must earn through blood, and oh, how I’ve bled for what’s contained within these pages.

Contribute to help give the Deluxe V20 Beckett’s Jyhad Diary an embossed+, bookmarked, full-color, unique deluxe treatment.

 The Kickstarter for a Deluxe Edition of Beckett’s Jyhad Diary is now live! READ MORE

Now Available: Ghouls & Revenants in print!

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Ghouls Front

Now available from DriveThruRPG in print-on-demand: Ghouls & Revenants!

By Blood It Is Done

Bound by their masters’ blood, ghouls serve the undead and fight their battles in the shadows. Dragged, seduced, or forced into the night, ghouls live at the whims of their masters–for better or for worse.

By Blood It Is Made Anew

Revenants are twisted and unique. They have vampiric powers and extended life, as well as a form of the Beast all their own. Crafted by blending ghouls with dark magic, Revenants have become something else altogether.

Ghouls & Revenants includes:

Expanded and revised character creation for ghoul and revenant player-characters Clan and Sect write-ups for ghouls who serve them New revenant families including the Rossellini, Kairouan Brotherhood, and more. New rules for ghouls and revenants including new Merits & Flaws, Backgrounds, Discipline Packages, etc. A Storyteller chapter for advice on running ghoul-or-revenant focused chronicles. …and more!



Hacky Coughy Edition [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Beckett Logo on Background


This is going to be a brief one, as I spent all last week ailing with the coughs. The worst part was how tired this cold made me; I’d be talking to someone and realize I was drifting towards sleep. Today, I’m still only summoning bursts of activity and energy, but they are longer bursts, so hopefully the thing is on its way out.


Samuel Carlos Araya: Lucita for V20 Beckett’s Jyhad Diary


And I felt bad about not finishing up some quote requests, Scion symbols, and the Kickstarter whose title page is featured above, but then I noted that it looks like half our crew was down with something, or at a convention last week. Among the other medical things last week, Fast Eddy Webb had his sinuses purged, and on a good note, freelance writer, Developer, and bon-vivant Matthew Dawkins welcomed a baby boy! Congrats Matthew!


Ken Meyer, Jr: Pinto for V20 Becket’s Jyhad Diary


But, we’re catching back up now, so expect us to go live with the Deluxe V20 Beckett’s Jyhad Diary Kickstarter at 12 noon Eastern US time, this ...32 COMMENTS

DriveThruRPG Dark Urban Fantasy Sale 2016!

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DriveThruRPG’s Dark Urban Fantasy Sale 2016 is running for the next 12 days, and contains dozens of products from your favourite publishers (which, we hope, is us) on sale for 16% off or more!

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Now Available: The Pack in print!

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The Pack

Werewolf: The Forsaken’s The Pack is now available in print on demand via DriveThruRPG!

The wolf must hunt, but it cannot hunt alone. Your hunts need the talents and instincts of other werewolves to slaughter the most dangerous prey. Your hunting grounds and families need the watching eyes of those with the blood of the Wolf of the spirit of the Moon. Your pack needs grounding in the world, humans who provide their contacts, expertise, and support. A pack is not a pack without a totem, a warden in the world of Spirit that watches over the entire pack.

A pack is family and gang and club and cult, but some werewolves go further. Tragedy drives werewolves apart, leaving the Wolf-Blooded to hold the pack together and herd the surviving Uratha in service to the Siskur-Dah. A pack cannot hunt without knowledge of the broader  supernatural world, so accepts a mystic into their ranks. Packs form protectorates & fragile alliances, cemented in rituals of honor or arranged marriage. A packmate joins a Lodge, a mystery-cult that teaches dangerous secrets that empower their whole ...2 COMMENTS

A Bucket of Beckett [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

From V20: Mike Tinney IS Beckett!

From V20: Mike Tinney IS Beckett!


This week, our meetings were a large part about Gen Con items and their status in terms of getting done, who would be demoing at the booth, and what materials would be needed for their demos. Our work from here until Gen Con will be focused a lot on those things as well.

But, I also brought up that it is time to pull together the Deluxe Beckett’s Jyhad Diary Kickstarter campaign. So we talked about that for quite some time.

Not because we never have before, but because now it is real. Now we make the what-ifs into reality.

In fact, because we’ve talked about the Deluxe Beckett JD Kickstarter before, I wrote my post last week about every project being different. If you missed it, and seriously, how could you? sob, please take a look before you continue this post as it sets the stage for this one.

The rest of us will take the time to peruse this freaky piece of art from Secrets of the Covenants:


Jersey Devil by Samuel Carlos Araya in VtR2‘s ...56 COMMENTS

Now Available: Tal’Mahe’Ra in Print!

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black hand

The Black Hand: A Guide to the Tal’Mahe’Ra is now available in print-on-demand from DriveThruRPG!

We Deal in the Truth.

Every interaction, every fight, every clandestine meeting, it’s all about the truth. The truth hurts. The truth kills. But in the end, the truth protects. The truth shapes the world. Shape the world with us.

The Tal’Mahe’Ra, the Black Hand, plays the long game. They’re fighting a war of millennia, and the stakes could never be higher than they are tonight. They know truths about the Ancients, terrifying truths, dangerous truths, and they know the fight will be long and tireless.

The Black Hand — A Guide to the Tal’Mahe’Ra includes:

An updated look at the Tal’Mahe’Ra, which brings the ancient conspiracy into the twenty-first century. Tricks of the Black Hand’s trade, including new Disciplines, Backgrounds, Merits, and eldritch sorceries. Insight into some of the Hand’s sects, including those who hunt the infernal, and the worshipers of Lilith. 3 COMMENTS

Each Project is a Snowflake [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Scarred Lands PG full page illustration by Mitch Malloy

Scarred Lands PG full page illustration by Mitch Malloy


I’ve noted, usually in reference to one of our Kickstarters, that every project is different.

I bring it up here in order to state something about how I see Onyx Path‘s methodology or working principles. Our books and other projects, our game lines and settings: these are not just different because of the books’ subject matter, or because vampires are different supernatural creatures than werewolves.

They’re different because of how we have set up the processes of creation. With a de-centralized cadre of great freelance creators around the world, we have the advantage of being able to reach out and experiment on the subjects and in the way that each creative team wants to explore.

The old “feature, not a bug”, computer programming chestnut.



Kinfolk art by Chris Bivins


Kind of related to this, and part of my lunch conversation today with Eddy Webb, I’ve been reading an episode by episode series of critical posts about Star Trek by Josh Marsfelder on Phil Sandifer’s Eruditorum Press website (my favorite Allen Moore/Doctor Who analyzer)

(and yes, I’m ...36 COMMENTS