Fiction Friday: Dragon-Blooded part 4


Today we conclude our look at the intro fiction for Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought, whose deluxe edition is currently on Kickstarter. Written by Lauren Roy, it’s set about 50 years prior to the “present,” Realm Year 768.

The Kinship passed through the place where the Hunt had failed with little comment. The survivors grew solemn, and River uttered prayers for the dead as they passed, but otherwise they pressed straight on. The fleeing Anathema had followed the route Mathar predicted. The ranger picked up the trail quickly. His robin flew ahead a little ways, returning now and then to chirp at them and take off again. “We’ll catch up to them by daybreak,” he said. No one wanted to stop and rest. No one even had to ask.


Later, River would recall the battle in flashes.

She remembered the woman towering above them, the blazing silver circle on her forehead terrible to behold. Her voice was a roar in River’s ears. River might have given into instinct and fled, if it weren’t for Swift at her side and the knowledge of ...READ MORE

Introducing “Claws and Effect” [Realms of Pugmire]


Eddy sends:

Ever since I started working on Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau, I’ve had lots of little ideas and thoughts related to the games. Some of them I’ve tossed up on my Facebook, thinking very few people would be interested in them (and boy, was I wrong about that!). Others I’ve jotted down in notebooks, wondering if someday they’ll grow into a project idea. Idly I thought that it was a shame RPG magazines aren’t in vogue any more, because I could probably write an ongoing column of nothing but interesting thoughts regarding the Realms of Pugmire.

Then, a while ago, Monica Valentinelli and Matt McElroy both asked if I could start writing content for the blog. I didn’t really know what to write about, but I said I’d think about it. Then, in a conversation with Rich, I mentioned that I had a ton of Pugmire ideas, but only a few of them were gelling. He said I should consider writing them up as blog posts, and maybe we can pull the interesting ideas into a better shape once I ...2 COMMENTS

Now Available: Beast Players Guide in print!

Beast: The Primordial, Exalted, Sales, Vampire: The Masquerade

Now available in print from DriveThruRPG: Beast Player’s Guide for Beast: The Primordial!

“You know what’s out there? No, you don’t. Stop trying to list them off. Yeah, yeah, you’ve met the vampires and the werewolves and the ghosts and so forth, but you haven’t seen a hundredth of what’s really there. Look, I’m not shaming you. I’m trying to make a point. You don’t know. You never will. There’s no complete picture, no magic moment where you see the whole truth and get to yell “ah-ha!” You don’t know. I don’t know. We never will.  That’s really a good thing, my sister, because it means there’s so much yet to see.” 


The Beast Player’s Guide expands on the material presented in Beast: The Primordial, with additional information on the Families and Hungers, what it feels like to be a Beast and experience the Devouring, and how to commune with the Dark Mother. You’ll also find two new Families and two new Hungers!

The book also includes a plethora of new Atavisms, Nightmares, Merits, and Birthrights, as well as systems for creating smaller, subservient versions of the Horror, new ...1 COMMENT

Down in the Dark [Geist: The Sin-Eaters]

Geist: The Sin-Eaters

Travis sends this:

Cling to the world of the living as much as you like. Haunt your loved ones. Claw your way back into your own corpse. Beware of ghosts bearing masks, and steer clear of the exorcists and ghost-breakers. No matter what you do, the Underworld is waiting. Waiting for your Anchors to crumble, for your kin to forget you, or for the Reapers to take you. And when it welcomes you into its cold embrace, when you feel your very essence being leeched into the damp stone, you’ll know that old saying only gets it half right: Death is patient, but it is not kind.

The Lands of the Dead

Scholarly Bound and academically-inclined necromancers have catalogued the Underworld for as long as human society has explored it. While deep cultural variations and subtle elemental distinctions exist depending on the author, most divide the Underworld into several distinct areas:

The low places or cenotes, areas of Twilight that contain an Avernian Gate and are keenly attuned to the energies of death. On the other side of the Gates lies… …the Upper Reaches, or ...54 COMMENTS

Hedgespinning [Changeling: The Lost]

Changeling: The Lost

Meghan sends us this preview from Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition:

Savvy travelers understand how the Hedge responds to their thoughts and feelings, and can learn to deliberately shape it by altering people’s mindsets, including their own. The Hedge is anything but simple — any change may have unforeseen and potentially dangerous consequences. But mastering the art means gaining a measure of control over the landscape, easing a journey or making someone else’s harder. The Thorns may burst open and release goblins armed with daggers and malice, but the changeling scorches clear the path ahead with pure, searing rage.

Any fae creature can subtly shape the Hedge, but only changelings, Gentry, and Huntsmen can enact paradigm shifts. The Hedge also shapes itself: whenever a character makes a roll to navigate or investigate a place, deal with a Hedge denizen, or otherwise interact with the Hedge, the Storyteller rolls eight Hedgespinning dice. This roll loses the 10-again quality if she’s on a trod, gains 9-again if not, and gains 8-again if she’s in the Thorns. The Storyteller can use any successes beyond one ...3 COMMENTS

How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall? [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

The answer to the question in our title will be revealed later in this blog, but for now, how about this map of the Blessed Isle from the Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought book currently being Kickstarted?

We just opened up a new pair of Add-ons with the Dragon-Blooded Kickstarter: this Blessed Isle map and a reprint of the original EX3 map of Creation from the Exalted 3rd Kickstarter. Both printed on the heavy canvas that we used back when for the first printing of the Creation map. Costs for that material have risen, but it’ll be worth it for such a high quality printing lovely enough to hang on any wall (but particular a gaming room)!

With our original print-run of the canvas map of Creation having completely sold out in like a day on IPR, we thought this would be a good time to reprint since there are obviously still folks out there who want them. Combine that with the reward tier that includes both the Deluxe Dragon-Blooded book and the Deluxe Exalted 3rd book, and you’ve got the makings ...8 COMMENTS

Episode One: A Beginning


In which our three hosts, Dixie Cochran, Eddy Webb, and Matthew Dawkins introduce themselves to roleplayers, gaming enthusiasts, and walkers along the Onyx Path. In this podcast we talk a little about our roles with Onyx Path, a little history of the company, our conflicting views on some of our games, future releases such as Dragon-Blooded, They Came From Beneath The Sea!, and the Contagion Chronicle (which even has a whole section read aloud in this recording as a lovely teaser), and some of our recent experiences in gaming!


Fiction Friday: Dragon-Blooded part 3


Today we’re continuing our look at the intro fiction for Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought, whose deluxe edition is currently on Kickstarter. Written by Lauren Roy, it’s set about 50 years prior to the “present,” Realm Year 768.

“We should swear an oath,” said Swift. They were by the side of the road, finishing a meal scraped together from what the retainers had left behind. For Chalima, who grew up in poverty in the Scavenger Lands, it was a feast. Eshuvar made comments about missing this or that side dish, or wishing for a glass of some expensive wine to wash it down, but subsided at a glance from River. Mathar lifted the young sorcerer’s spirits when he shared out a packet of seasoning he’d brought from Lookshy. Swift had finished her plate quickly, a habit formed in the Legion. It meant she missed out on Mathar’s spices, but she’d had time to think while the others ate.

During the planning, River and Chalima shaped the strategy while Mathar and Eshuvar chimed in with recommendations. Swift had remained quiet, trying to figure out ...2 COMMENTS

Now Available: Enemy Action in Print!

Demon: The Descent, Exalted, Sales, Vampire: The Masquerade

Now available in print from DriveThruRPG: Night Horrors: Enemy Action for Demon: The Descent!

“Fighting the Machine is like fighting the ocean. You literally cannot hurt it. Doesn’t matter how much poison we dump into the ocean. We’ll only kill the things in it. We’ll never kill it. Same with the God-Machine. Kill angels, traitors, stigmatics, cultists, cryptids, whatever, you’ll never hurt the Machine Itself. No, that doesn’t mean we stop trying. You stop trying, you drown. Screw that.”

—Mr. Bliss, Guardian Inquisitor

Night Horrors: Enemy Action includes:

Dozens of Storyteller characters, including Unchained, angels, exiles, cryptids, and stigmatics, for use as antagonists, allies, or just inspiration Multiple plot hooks and story seeds for your Demon: The Descent chronicles A brief look at cults in Demon, including the Ten Thousand Names of God, a secret society fueled by the God-Machine Kickstarter Update

We continue with the Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought Kickstarter! With 14 days remaining:

We’re in the Week of Air, offering the third of five previews of the full manuscript for Dragon-Blooded. We funded in two hours and 12 minutes, and have since raised $224,406 of our $60,000 goal, or 374% We’ve got 1759 ...READ MORE

Elemental, My Dear Dragon-Blooded! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

That blog title was for Fast Eddy Webb, Sherlockian scholar that he is.

And of course I’m referring to our Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought Kickstarter that is headed into its third week and still going strong!

Jaunty James Bell, our Kickstarter runner, has said that we’ve hit fourteen Stretch Goals in fourteen days, which is a wonderful rhythm of cool things happening every day while each Tuesday we provide a portion of the finished text for the book. This week, we’re looking at just the start of the Dragon-Blooded Charms, so I’m expecting some fascinating discussions all over our social media.

The fact that we’ve got some Stretch Goal rewards that add to the overall release of Dragon-Blooded as a slice of the world of Exalted 3rd, and then we have SG rewards that add to the burgeoning companion volume for Dragon-Blooded is also super-cool as we know that every couple of days we should have offered enough variety that every backer can see something that tickles their interest and rewards their participation in this KS.




Dragon-Blooded art by Yihyoung Li




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