Bucking Broncos! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Parting the Waters from the Ex3 Jumpstart by Gunship Revolution


First, for those of you following what I never intended to be a saga: it turns out I have not just a cold or the flu, but bronchitis. The doctor has me on antibiotics, and I am actually feeling better. So, hopefully I only have to ride this bucking broncho for a while longer. Thanks to everybody who sent in “get well” messages!

The other bronco the gang here at Onyx Path have been riding for a couple of days, and was the subject of much of our meeting today.

(The official one. My meeting with Eddy was mostly talking about how David Tennant’s Doctor parsed with his Purple Man on Jessica Jones.)

I’m referring to the upset in our community after the Vampire and Mage interactive fiction Preludes were released last week by Asmodee under license from the new White Wolf Publishing. If you want to look it all up, the details are out there. For us, Matt McElroy and I have been talking with WWP about this issue since last week ...28 COMMENTS

Fiction Friday: Curse of the Blue Nile

Mummy: The Curse

Today we look at Father of Ab, a story by Lisa Morton from the Curse of the Blue Nile anthology for Mummy: The Curse.

Nebet’s tomb was set into a hillside, and opened onto a large enclosed yard that displayed obvious great wealth. Even though it was night, the air was warm, smelled of smoke, and a slight reddish glow covered the sky, blocking out any stars.

“Where are we?” Nebet asked, eyeing the luminescent, blue pool before her, surrounded by tile, stone, and plants she knew had never grown in Irem. Gonzalez answered, “The city of Los Angeles.” As he saw her pause and stare into the sky, he added, “…on the western edge of the North American continent.”

Nebet turned her attention to the three men with Gonzalez, who seemed to represent a variety of races: one looked like a traveling merchant she’d once met from the Far East, one looked like Gonzalez, and one had pale skin the hue of the simple white shroud she wore. “None of you look Iremite.”

Gonzalez smiled. “Los Angeles is a melting pot, and the Tef-Aabhi ...READ MORE

Now Available: Dark Eras: Doubting Souls and Bowery Dogs!

Hunter: The Vigil, Sales, Werewolf: The Forsaken

Two more individual chapters from Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras are now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG for your reading enjoyment!

Dark Eras: Doubting Souls for Hunter: The Vigil

Although the most acute judges of the witches and even the witches themselves, were convinced of the guilt of witchery, the guilt nevertheless was non-existent. It is thus with all guilt.

—Friedrich Nietzsche

Immigrants and tribes struggled to co-exist on the Eastern Seaboard in the ever-expanding Colonies. Violent clashes, supernatural beliefs, and demonic influences spelled disaster for Salem Village and its surrounding towns, while others fought werewolves and vampires on the frontier. With so much at risk, only god-fearing men and women were deemed innocent — and those were few indeed.


Dark Eras: The Bowery Dogs for Werewolf: The Forsaken

Ford to City: Drop Dead

—New York Daily News,October 30, 1975

New York City in the 1970s. Crime. Drugs. Gang violence. Vast economic disparity. And werewolves. It’s a lean, ugly time to be alive, and the lone wolf doesn’t stand a chance out there. In the end, all you really have is family.

These chapters and more are available ...READ MORE

Cough- Back In -hack- The Saddle -cough Cough- Again [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Three Suns Standing by Gunship Revolution for the Exalted 3rd Jumpstart.


Feeling a lot better, but am still fighting the last bits of this flu or whatever it is. Last week, though, was a sort of semi-conscious staggering from the one thing I could focus on each day to trying to rest/medicate/cough this thing out until the next day and the one thing I could concentrate on that day. And so on.

I did manage to work with BackerKit to send out the links for the Backer PDF for Pugmire. There was a hiccup on coding that they fixed pretty fast, all things considered, and then I not only Locked Down the pledges, but charged them for any additional Add-ons they might have added on to their pledges.

I think the timing for these three steps basically worked as intended by BK, so that’s good to see happen with our first use of their system. Next will come the address corrections right before shipping; so a few months down the line. Until we Shut Down the project then, anybody interested can still ...43 COMMENTS

Fiction Friday: Rites of the Blood

Vampire: The Masquerade

This week we look at The Price, the opening fiction from Rites of the Blood.

“Knowledge always comes at a price. Whether that price is paid in blood, security, or spirit, Vrisa, there is always a cost.” Shick-shick-shick went the knife along the leather strap, sharpening its blade to an impossibly fine edge. The little old man paused, eyeing the knife’s razor point, and then went back to sharpening.

“The first hunt was a Tremere. You can guess why, of course. They say the Usurpers stole Salubri power and Salubri blood — but they took their immortality from the Tzimisce! What is the greater crime, I ask you?” He grumbled. “Revenge was the order of the day.

“Now it seems those fires have cooled. More’s the pity.” Shaking back a shock of white hair, the old man gave a gravelly chuckle. “I knew their magic when they were humans crawling on the earth like worms on sodden graves. To think, they took Tzimisce vitae, our knowledge of the spirits and the energies of the land, and they cocked it all up. Rats in their Hermetic ...READ MORE

Now Available: Hurt Locker and Condition Cards in print!

Beast: The Primordial, Chronicles of Darkness, Promethean: The Created, Sales

Now available in print from DriveThruRPG:

Chronicles of Darkness: Hurt Locker!

“Of course it hurts. Everything hurts. If you’re alive, you hurt. Don’t think of yourself as bleeding out; think of yourself as more alive.”

Horror is all about the stakes. And most commonly, pain, injury, and death are those stakes. Hurt Locker is all about the stuff that hurts. We talk why it hurts, how it hurts, and how to deliver pain at your table beyond just rolling the dice and marking health boxes.

Hurt people hurt people. Weíre talking ramifications of violence and how pain perpetuates pain down the line. Weíre talking about how even after wounds heal, scars always remind you.

Hurt Locker features:

Treatment of violence in the Chronicles of Darkness. Lasting trauma, scene framing, and other tools for making your stories hurt. Many new player options, including Merits, supernatural knacks, and even new character types like psychic vampires and sleeper cell soldiers. Expanded equipment and equipment rules.

Beast: The Primordial Condition Cards!

Did your heart seize up in your chest a little when I said that? It should. Those horrors you’ve dreamed of all your ...7 COMMENTS

[Pugmire] February Update!


Hello wonderful Pugmire supporters! Things are kicking into a new gear, so let’s dive into the update!


As I hope you’ve already seen, we’ll have a Backer PDF for folks on Wednesday! It’s a week later than our planned release date, but we wanted to give folks time to adjust their pledges before we lock things down. Rich posted details about this release and why we do Backer PDFs in update 50. This is the first time we’ve used BackerKit to deliver a book PDF, so please bear with us if there are hiccups! Check out Rich’s update if you haven’t already.


I ran a couple playtests of Mau at Midwinter last month, and reception was positive. The playtests helped me identify areas that need work, and solidify areas that are working well. Players said the game made them feel like cats in the same way that Pugmire makes them feel like dogs. They also helped me identify some specific areas that I needed to improve. Based on that, I’m revising and finalizing the first draft of Monarchies ...5 COMMENTS

Winter Flu Goes To The Dogs Edition [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News


It’s my turn for the annual winter fever and hacking coughing chest cold.


I’m going to digress right now, but you’ll see that this lil story will link my cold and the next subject of discussion today:

When I was in grad school, pure luck gave me a chance to have the first puppy I ever raised. She was half Dalmatian and half Pit Bull and gorgeous and strong. Her name was Wee Bea. While she was still in her first year, I came down with one of these awful colds. So bad, I was shaking with chills even covered with the few blankets we had (we were poor students and didn’t have much in the way of bedding).

As I was laying there and my teeth were actually chattering, Bea climbed up on the bed and sprawled her full body length over mine. Which she had never done before as she preferred curling up under the blankets next to me when she was allowed on the bed. She stayed on top until my fever broke later that night, and just like that ...16 COMMENTS

Fiction Friday: Truth Beyond Paradox

Mage: The Ascension

Today we look at Seanan McGuire’s Shadows Cast by the Memory of Giants from Truth Beyond Paradox.

I studied my reflection in the mirror, searching, assessing, looking for a flaw I could hang myself upon – something I could point to and say, “There, you see? Most of this is magic, most of this is art, and alchemy, and someone else’s rules… but that piece there, that crooked tooth, that freckle, that discoloration, that’s me, that’s mine.”

There was nothing. Of course there was nothing. The people who’d been responsible for remaking me, like turning lead into gold, had done their jobs perfectly; there were no errors to find. Everything I saw was flawless, in a soft, boring way that left no hooks in the heart. They’d transformed me from someone who was plain but memorable into someone lovely but perfectly forgettable.

Laughter bubbled up my throat, as thick and bitter as vomit. I pressed a hand over my mouth, pushing it back. This was what I’d always said I wanted. This was the future I’d bartered five years of my life to claim, with ...READ MORE

Now Available: Auspice and Sphere Shirts

Mage: The Ascension, Sales, Werewolf: The Apocalypse

New shirts available from our RedBubble store:

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Update: We’ve also got a couple of classic books newly available in print on demand!

Werewolf: The Apocalypse First Edition Werewolf Players Guide Second Edition

And our store on IPR has added V20 Dark Ages deluxe edition, Mage20 deluxe edition, Beast: The Primordial deluxe edition, and associated screens. If you missed the Kickstarters for any of these projects, you can still get the books while supplies last!