24 Hour Warning: Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition Kickstarter

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There’s only one day left on the Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition Kickstarter!

In Changeling: The Lost, you take on the role of an ordinary person who has seen the extraordinary. Lured or abducted by the alien Gentry, you have passed the gates and Hedges between our world and the vast fantastic.

In Arcadia, the Gentry changed you. They forged your flesh and sewed your bones, and they gave you a role to play. You were a lover or a servant or a monster. But it was never your story.

Having run from your Keeper and climbed your way back through the Hedge (and didn’t the thorns bite more than they did going in?), you’re back in the world of pizza and Facebook and nuclear anxiety.

Your eyes are open now. You can see that magic is not the sole province of Faerie. The world is alive with wonders most people never see…and rife with horrors that count on that unwariness. It’s all part of your life now. You take the good with the bad, the magic with the monstrosity, the beauty with the madness.

It’s not always an easy story, not always a happy story. But now it’s your story.

Changeling: The Lost began in 2007, and amassed some of the most passionate fans the Chronicles of Darkness has ever known. Now, it’s reborn in its second edition, which tells new tales and builds on lessons learned in the past ten years. We’re jumping back into the brambles, and letting the scar tissue from last time protect us. Now is your last chance to get involved with this Kickstarter!

We’ve passed 300%, soared past 2000 backers, and have hit an amazing 21 stretch goals! Get those pledges in while you can!


  3 comments for “24 Hour Warning: Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition Kickstarter

  1. SoulGambit
    December 15, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    It seems I have missed the Kickstarter by one day, having mathed wrong. I thought today was the last day. Is there anything I can do, or has the ship sailed completely?

  2. Worldbridge
    December 18, 2017 at 11:44 am

    I have also missed the Kickstarter, having completely been oblivious to all traces of it on the Internet… Let me know as well if there is anything I can do, as I would pay almost anything to gain access to everything you have.

    • richt
      December 18, 2017 at 6:53 pm

      Keep an eye on the Kickstarter page, and when we have a BackerKit site with a “pre-order” area ready, we’ll add a link button to the order area. Expect that in a month or so-

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