A Very Merry Onyx-mas

Chronicles of Darkness

Slow day today for obvious reasons. We’re all out of the “office” (or, since we all work from home, at least not doing any work).

So let’s hearken back to a simpler time, four years ago, in 2015. We released the Twelve Days of Onyx Condition Cards (available in PDF and print) for the Chronicles of Darkness. The set features 12 holiday-themed cards and six blanks for you to create your own. The PDF is free, and the card set is extremely affordable.

Let’s take a look at a couple of those cards.

Wreath: The Ornamentation: For one month only, gaudy is good. For every dot of Resources spent decorating your Safe Place or Haven, add a +1 bonus to the Merit’s mechanical effect. This bonus caps at +5 but can be added to by anyone who contributed to the original Merit’s dots.

Overly Festive Cultists: It’s a hard time of year to be a mummy. Your cultists have been infused with an overabundance of holiday spirit and have inappropriately decorated your Tomb. -1 to Tomb Geometry (minimum of 0).

Please enjoy the rest of the cards, and have a safe and enjoyable holiday!