Q. Do You Ship Outside the US?

A. Absolutely! Kickstarter allows per-tier shipping adjustments, so just tell KS where you live when making a pledge, and it should show you the adjusted cost automatically. If we can’t do that for some reason, we’ll have both US and International Reward Tiers for most physical book Reward Tiers, and if a pledge doesn’t specify either US or International, that means it is designed for everybody.

Q. Will This Book Be Available In Stores?

A. Maybe! See the Kickstarter front page for details. Formerly, only via those wise and industrious Retailers who took advantage of our Retailer Reward Tiers (to the right) and pledged for copies during a Kickstarter would have physical copies at hand. With our more recent Kickstarters, like Pugmire, we’re taking our first steps at getting our products into a retail space in a more traditional manner, via our partnership with Indie Press Revolution.

In any case, the PDF and physical print-on-demand (PoD) versions will be available on DriveThruRPG.com, though, some time after the KS is over.

Q. Will I Be Able to Pledge When the Kickstarter is Over?

A. If our Kickstarter uses BackerKit, you may be able to continue to preorder for some period after the Kickstarter ends, although you may not have all the benefits available to Kickstarter backers.

Q. How Does Onyx Path Know The Add-Ons For Which I’ve Manually Added Money?

A. We will send backers the official KS Survey or BackerKit some time after the Kickstarter is over, and there will be spaces that allow you to indicate which Add-ons you… added on.

Q. How Do You Get The Name (or Group of Names) I’d Like Used in the Credits?

A. After we hit the end-date and the KS closes, we’re able to send out a survey to all backers and one of the questions on that survey will be what name(s) you want in the credits.

Q. Will I Get My Rewards Before the General Public?

A. We have always tried to deliver the electronic/PDF Rewards to backers before releasing them for sale on DriveThruRPG.com and intend to continue that practice with this Kickstarter. The PoD versions of the project will be available as soon as we can bring them together after the PDFs are released, and the same goes for the Kickstarted version. We won’t hold off offering the project PoD until the Kickstarted version is shipped to backers, or hold off shipping the Kickstarted version to wait for the project PoD. The various factors that go into creating, or that could delay, either of those two kinds of books need to be dealt with separately.

Q. Do I Have to Add a Stretch Goal to my Reward Tier in Order to Get It Once Its Goal Amount is Reached?

Unless specified, a PDF or other electronic Stretch Goal reward will be sent to any backer who pledged to a tier that includes a PDF of the Kickstarted project. That includes any Reward Tier that includes a physical (deluxe or prestige) copy of the project. You don’t have to do anything to receive your PDF Stretch Goal reward if you pledged to those Reward Tiers.