OPP10: Trinity Continuum month, part 1! Save up to 90%!

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2022 is Onyx Path’s tenth anniversary, so we’re celebrating a different game line every month this year!

December is Trinity Continuum month.

For the first part of the month, PDF titles from across the Trinity Continuum are on sale for 10% of their original price for our 10th anniversary. That means they’re 90% off!

That means:

Trinity Continuum core: The Trinity Continuum core rules for $1.50, Assassins for $2, or all nine titles on sale for only $5.66!Trinity Continuum: Aberrant: The Aberrant rulebook for $2, or all eight sale titles for only $4.89!Trinity Continuum: Æon: The Æon rulebook for $2, or all 13 titles for only $13.32!

That means you can get 29 titles on sale for just $23.67! You’ll never see sales this good again!

Plus! Save 50% on a bunch of Onyx Path’s traditionally-printed titles from Indie Press Revolution!

Previous sales this year:

January: Dystopia Rising: EvolutionFebruary: World of DarknessMarch: Cavaliers of MarsApril: ExaltedMay: ScionJune: Crossroads ContinentJuly: Chronicles of DarknessAugust: Scarred LandsSeptember: Realms of PugmireOctober: They Came From…November: LegendloreDecember: Trinity Continuum READ MORE

Release Roundup: November 2022

Changeling: The Lost, Mummy: The Curse, Sales, Scion, Trinity Continuum: Aberrant, Trinity Continuum: Æon

Welcome to the Release Roundup! Remember, this is where to go to find not just the month’s releases, but also the compiled project status updates for the last month.

This month’s Onyx Path releases include:

Scion: Dragon (PDF/print)Trinity Continuum: Aberrant: Storypath Tasty Bit: Queer Nova Alliance (PDF)Trinity Continuum: Æon: Mission Statements (print)Changeling: The Lost: Kith and Kin (PDF/print)Mummy: The Curse: The Book of Lasting Death (PDF/print)

This month’s Community Content, from the Storypath Nexus, Slarecian Vault, and Canis Minor includes:

Scarred Lands: Fraelhia: The Snow QueenScarred Lands: Encounter Tables of Ghelspad: Titanshome MountainsScarred Lands: Encounter Tables of Ghelspad: Gascar PeaksTrinity Continuum: Æon: Interview with the Aberrant CROWDFUNDING UPDATE

Our campaign for Scion: God 2nd Edition ended this month BackerKit! We hit 100% in just two hours, and ended with $121,438, or 405% of our $30,000 goal!

We’ve hit the following stretch goals:

Scion: God Storyguide Reference ScreenScion: God Companion x4: More details; Incarnations and Mantles; Realms, Terra Incognita, and Sancta; Titanic Apotheosis, Full Dragons, and upgrading Mythos Scions.Scion: God JumpstartDivine Inspiration x2: More options for play; plot seeds packBacker T-ShirtDigital WallpaperMobile Wallpaper

The campaign for Sidereals: Charting Fate’s Course launched last week on Kickstarter ...READ MORE

Now Available: The Queer Nova Alliance!

Exalted, Legendlore, Sales, Scarred Lands, Trinity Continuum: Aberrant

Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: The Queer Nova Alliance, a Storypath Tasty Bit for Trinity Continuum: Aberrant!

The Queer Nova Alliance is an advocacy organization at the forefront of combating homophobia, transphobia, and anti-LGBTQ+ violence and legislation worldwide, working with allied nonprofits and political action groups. Behind their group chats and get-togethers, however, is a fully-fledged nonprofit funded by charitable donations from QNA members, who include some very wealthy novas.

This new Allegiance is designed for use with the Trinity Continuum: Aberrant.

This PDF is part of the “Storypath Tasty Bits” program, where every month in 2022 Onyx Path offers a small product that ties into one of its Storypath games.

Other Recent Releases

Did you miss one of these recent releases?

Nov 23: Mission StatementsNov 16: Kith & KinNov 9: Scion: Dragon Sales

It’s Onyx Path’s 10th Anniversary! Every month in 2022, we’ll be celebrating another one of our published game lines.

November is Legendlore month! You can get Legendlore titles for 90% off!

Indie Press Revolution also has 50% off the Legendlore physical rulebook and screen!

Stay tuned for more OPP10 sales the rest of this year!

Crowdfunding Update



Chronicles of Darkness, Deviant: The Renegades, Projects, World of Darkness

This week’s spotlight once again shines on everyone’s favourite World and Chronicles of Darkness YouTuber, Lore by Night!

The Spotlight

Lore by Night has had a fine run of creating World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness themed videos, covering Vampire: The Masquerade, Wraith: The Oblivion, and Deviant: The Renegades to name but three of the games on the channel. He performs deep dives into different settings, in-depth reviews of various books, and routinely engages with his supporters!

If you want to check out Lore by Night’s upcoming and historic content, head on over to: https://www.youtube.com/@LoreByNightVtM

Currently he’s on a Chronicles of Darkness kick, but maybe we’ll be able to sway him over to trying Scion or They Came From…

The Schedule

The schedule’s once again picking up over on https://www.twitch.tv/theonyxpath! You can check out our upcoming content below:

YouTube Videos

We’ve had a great raft of content published over on our YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/@TheOnyxPath – in recent weeks, not limited to:

Realms of Pugmire – Playing Fetch

Scarred Lands – Sins of Shelzar

Building Character with Dixie and Eddy


We’re on the lookout for new shows ...READ MORE

Sidereal Kick-STAR-ter STARS! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

We think, and please jump right in and correct us, that the Sidereals KS became our quickest funding KS at 9 minutes to fund last Tuesday!

Which was phenomenal, even if fated by the stars, and everyone’s continued interest and support has also been fantastic and a true testament to the devotion of the Exalted community!

Not even a full week in, and we’re over 500% funded as I write this, with over 1640 backers. You could be one of them! 🙂

Coming back from the holiday, our Monday Meeting was all over the place as we followed up on a ton of projects and issues from taking time off. Like always happens!

TC: Adventure! art by Durwin Talon So, briefly:

We’re a few days from the beginning of December, which tends to be a month where our crew take vacations, particularly near the end. Which is one of the reasons we scheduled the Sidereals KS to end Dec 22nd. So, we’re jamming in a lot of meetings and efforts in the next couple of weeks – especially since we’re also taking a long look at ...5 COMMENTS

Episode 235: Isekai!

Legendlore, Onyx Pathcast

In which the trio talks about isekai and related genres, and their accompanying media.

A bit about Vampire powersFreelancer career chatDefining isekaiSpace Jam 2, etc.Pugmire and referencesLegendlore and moviesTropesIs Dr. Robotnik a Getimian?A bit on some TV showsFantasy genres


Onyx Path YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOnyxPath Onyx Path Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/theonyxpath Onyx Path Discord: https://discord.gg/5uckcBk


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales Begin!

Chronicles of Darkness, Dystopia Rising, Sales, Scion, Vampire: The Masquerade

DriveThruRPG’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale has started, with discounts on over 650 Onyx Path titles from now until Monday!

Check out the sale here!

Or here if you prefer fiction!

There’ll be some doorcrasher deals on Friday and Monday, so keep checking this space.

Monday Doorcrasher Deals Prince’s Gambit on DriveThruCards: Save 20% on a printed deck!An Exquisite Corpse: A Dystopia Rising: Evolution Anthology on DriveThruFiction: Save 60%!Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras 2 on Storytellers Vault: Save 60%! Also: Scion bundle at Roll20! READ MORE

Now Available: Mission Statements in print!

Exalted, Legendlore, Sales, Scarred Lands, Scion: God, Trinity Continuum: Æon

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Mission Statements for Trinity Continuum: Æon!

Mission Statements expands the setting of Trinity Continuum: Æon with details about organizations large and small, good and bad. From world powers, metacorporations, gangs, terrorists, cults and other threats, Mission Statements provides players with a wealth of information to understand the secrets and motivations of the groups that move the world, and plenty of Paths for characters to become part of these organizations. 

Mission Statements requires both Trinity Continuum: Æon and the Trinity Continuum Corebook to play. Inside, you will find:

Information about the Æon Trinity and the United Nations of the 22nd century, including their history, structure, drives, and continued influence on humanity. A look behind the scenes of ten metacorporations, including Orgotek, BioSystems, the deep space International Consortium of Ecomining, and media giant OBC.A wealth of antagonists to enrich stories and challenge players. The Shabeel of Karroo, Qin conspiracies, mind-altered terrorists, and more await.New technologies used by these groups, including illegal black-market goods and restricted Code Indigo biotechnology.Detailed systems for running organizations as Storyguide characters, with vulnerabilities for characters to exploit and notes on the ways organizations respond ...READ MORE

Sidereals campaign is live!

Exalted, Press Releases

The Sidereal Exalted are many things: Starry-eyed seers gifted with insight into the nature of fate. Elite agents of Heaven, troubleshooting threats to destiny in Creation and beyond. Legendary martial artists, whose secret techniques strike the soul and shatter reality. Celestial powerbrokers and intriguers who treat with gods as equals. Puppetmasters who steer the course of nations with a word in a queen’s ear.

And yet it is their curse to be forgotten by the world.

Sidereals: Charting Fate’s Course is an expansion for the Exalted Third Edition tabletop roleplaying game. It’s set in a mythic world where spirits walk openly among humanity, warring demigods topple kingdoms, and the restless dead roam on moonless nights. Heroes granted divine power contend against one another for the future of Creation. These are the Exalted!

The primary purpose behind this Kickstarter campaign is to enable Onyx Path to create the best version of Sidereals: Charting Fate’s Course that’s possible. Your support will allow Onyx Path to produce a deluxe hardcover edition for Kickstarter backers, as well as a PDF and eventual Print-on-Demand standard edition released for purchase.

>> Join the campaign ...READ MORE

Thank the Stars! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Yes, here in Thanksgiving week, we’re going live with the Kickstarter for the most star-wise characters in all of Exalted 3e! The KS for the Deluxe Sidereals book starts tomorrow, as I write this, Tuesday the 22nd at 2pm Eastern US time!

You can be sure to be notified as it goes live by signing up here on the pre-KS page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/sidereals-charting-fates-course-for-exalted-third-edition

We’re looking to create another beautiful Deluxe volume to go along with the Deluxe EX3 itself, as well as the Dragon-Blooded and Lunar books already created! Backers will receive the finished manuscript in sections, and our KS Concierge James will be there to help everybody have a great experience!

Let’s see what the stars have in store for us. WooHoo!

Exalted Essence art by Dane Madgwick

I’ve already seen some folks wondering why we’re running this Deluxe Sidereals crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter after having run one that finished just last week on BackerKit‘s new crowdfunding platform. (Scion: God.)

It’s pretty simple, really: we were trying out BK‘s platform as part of their beta-testing. We’re very happy with it, while recognizing that ...13 COMMENTS