Scion 2nd Edition Kickstarter: Week 1


Proposed, Not Final, Cover Design

The Scion 2nd Edition Kickstarter has been live for a week. How’s it doing?

We fully funded in the first 37 minutes! Wow!

As I type this:

We’re currently at a stunning 734% of our goal, which would place Scion as the fifth highest Kickstarter Onyx Path has run in terms of percentage if we were to end right now. We have 2206 backers, which places Scion as the sixth most-backed Kickstarter Onyx Path has run. We have an incredible $183,550, which makes us the eight-highest funded Onyx Path Kickstarter, but climbing rapidly. Less than $10K until we pass Pugmire, even! We’ve hit 11 stretch goals so far, including: The Scion Companion, which includes the return of the Loa, the Gallic pantheon, 1e -> 2e Translation Guide, mortal cults, making your own pantheon (feat. the Atlanteans) Scion Kickstarter T-shirt Introductory fiction from Kieron Gillen, author of The Wicked + The Divine, Journey Into Mystery, Phonogram, etc. Scion Jumpstart Scion Fiction Anthology w/ five stories Scion LARP

Long story short, things are crazy amazing. We have 23 days to go. Join us now!


Now Available: Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition in print!

Mage: The Awakening, Sales

Awakening 2 Cover

Now available in print from DriveThruRPG: Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition!

The world is a Lie.

Humanity is cursed into a prison of Sleep, ignorant of the wonder and danger all around them. Ground down into slavery to masters they’ll never see, beset by a plague of cares to distract them from the Truth.


You were like them, once, but now you are Awakened. You see the world beneath the Lie’s skin, and the Mysteries beckoning you into the shadows. Every day of your life, you hear the call of the supernatural, from the least ghost to the deepest cosmic enigmas.

You are a mage, one of the Wise. You see, know, and explore what others can’t imagine, from the depths of the human soul to the hidden corners of reality. Armed with your spells, driven by an addiction to Mysteries, you delve into the secrets of the world. Knowledge has a price, and the dangers are many.

This book contains:

The complete guide to playing a mage in the Chronicles of Darkness. Reimagined Paths, Orders, and powers to create your Awakened characters and their allies, including ...15 COMMENTS

Scion 2e: With a Name Like “Troll Preserves”, It’s Gotta Be Good! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News


Troll Preserves as a yummy(?) jelly was one of the funny bits to come out of these past 5 days as the Scion 2nd Edition Kickstarter roars forth. (The actual topic was a mention of an animal preserve but filled with Trolls (Not the kind from Stand Still, Stay Silent, though)).

When I posted last week about how Onyx Path does our Kickstarter campaigns, I kind of talked in general terms. So now that Scion 2e‘s KS is rolling, here are some thoughts specific to how we’re handling it.

First, the goal of the Scion 2e KS is to create two separate books: the Scion: Origin and Scion: Hero core rulebooks, and then to use the KS numbers to enable us to traditionally print enough for the backers who pledged for them and overprint an amount to send to retail stores. So not to create Deluxe or Prestige Editions, but to launch Scion 2e as a game line in a way that approximates how it was originally launched, but, hopefully, improved by the methods we’ve figured out these five years Onyx Path has ...36 COMMENTS

The Kickstarter for Scion 2nd Edition is now live!

Scion, Scion: Hero

Proposed, Not Final, Cover Design

Proposed, Not Final, Cover Design

Find Your Destiny. Live The Myth, Embrace Your Fate.

The Scion 2e Kickstarter is now live!


Scion 2e Kickstarter: 18 Hours to Launch!

Press Releases, Scion

Proposed, Not Final, Cover Design

Hey, everyone! Just a reminder that the Kickstarter for our upcoming Scion Second Edition begins tomorrow (Thursday, September 22nd) at noon Eastern Time.

We’ve got a lot of great stuff in store for you, and we’re really excited to share it. This is the very first Kickstarter we’ve done for a property wholly-owned by Onyx Path, so we want this to be a big deal. Make sure to pass the word on to everyone you know who may be interested. We’ll see you there!


Now Available: An Onyx Smorgasbord

Cavaliers of Mars, Demon: The Descent, Mage: The Ascension, Mage: The Awakening, Pugmire, Sales, Scion, Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Cavaliers of Mars shirt

Now available from our RedBubble store, our very first Cavaliers of Mars merch, and more!

Cavaliers of Mars Art: City of Vance (shirt, phone) Pugmire We Are Good Dogs, feat. Spike and friends (shirt) Scion Pantheon: Devas (shirt)

The Devas should round out our collection of “Scion 1e Pantheons which are also in 2e.”

In addition to the new merch designs, DriveThruRPG has a ton of new bundles available for us!

Archons, Alastors, and Anathema for Vampire: The Masquerade Fire it Up, Anarchs! for Vampire: The Masquerade Those Who Serve the Dead (Ghouls) for Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: The Dark Ages Undead Blood Magic for Vampire: The Masquerade and Mage: The Ascension Wyrm Taint for Werewolf: The Apocalypse Technocratic Union for Mage: The Ascension The Mage Translation Toolkit for Mage: The Ascension and Mage: The Awakening The Demon Translation Toolkit for Demon: The Fallen and Demon: The Descent READ MORE

Changeling: The Lost, The Hedge

Changeling: The Lost, Open Development


Hey everyone!

Working on wrapping Changeling: The Lost Second Edition. A while ago, I posted the bulk of the rules, and I’ve been integrating a ton of playtest notes and tweaking this, that, or the other thing. We’re in the home stretch on the text.

One thing I’ve been asked more than a few times about was the way we were handling the Hedge in 2E. The answer to that is, “basically the same, but with some minor fussing and emphasis changes”. For example, the Hedge was always more than just literal thorns. It’s called out in the description in the previous edition pretty clearly. However, you might not notice if you forgot that short paragraph and just paid attention to other material about the Hedge. So, in 2E, I want to be very clear and present about the fact that the Hedge’s brambles aren’t always literal. This is mostly just a tonal change though.

I’ve got new, pretty simplified systems for navigating the Hedge, for warping the Hedge physically, for Hedge duels, and a few other minor things. I didn’t have a ...22 COMMENTS

A Brief Treatise on How We Kickstart [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News


I’ve been pulling together the Scion 2nd Edition Kickstarter pages, for both the Scion: Origin and Scion: Hero core rulebooks, and as we are now ready and the fine-tuning has gone on this weekend and will go on into this week leading up to Thursday’s 12noon launch, I thought it’d be a good time to touch base on a bunch of the ideas and intentions that we work with to create our Onyx Path Kickstarters.

First off, you’ll notice that I’m saying we, not I, mostly, because any Kickstarter we do is a team effort. Part of that is the simple fact that these KSs are incredibly time consuming and exhausting to create and run, and several years ago I realized I had to have help with them. Rollickin’ Rose (more out her later after I talk about KSs) has been our “voice” to the backers for quite a few KSs now, Impish Ian keeps an eye on our social media and pops in to help, and Mirthful Mike not only designs all our KS visuals but creates new graphics and gets ...36 COMMENTS

Deathly Evocative Domains [V20: Dark Ages Companion]

Open Development, Vampire: The Masquerade

I recently returned from New Orleans and the Grand Masquerade with my writing and development batteries rejuvenated! Though I’m busy working on the stretch goals for Beckett’s Jyhad Diary (about to tackle The Way of Three Eyes), I thought I would stop by and talk a little about the upcoming V20 Dark Ages Companion.

Prince Mithras, still “alive” and kicking

The V20 Dark Ages Companion is currently at Art Direction stage. Writers have written, our editor has edited, and for the time being, I’ve developed all that I can. With that in mind, a subject I wanted to discuss with you is one of domains.

City sourcebooks are a type of supplement I routinely get asked about. In the last month alone I’ve had several enquiries about an update to Chicago by Night for Masquerade. Since V20 Dark Ages’ release, I’ve received many enquiring messages about a potential Dark Ages atlas, an update for Constantinople or Jerusalem by Night, or something more broad along the lines of Iberia by Night. I love many of those by Night books for the ideas they gave ...38 COMMENTS

Now Available: Dark Eras: A Handful of Dust

Promethean: The Created, Sales

178800 dark eras handful of dust promethean

Now Available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Dark Eras: A Handful of Dust!

Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras reveals the world throughout its long and storied past.

Through sixteen eras, you’ll learn the secret history of the world, from the flame-lit tales of the Neolithic to the drug-fueled rebellion of the 1970s. Delve into the past, and learn that the Chronicles of Darkness began long before the modern nights.

A Handful of Dust (Promethean: The Created)

The Great Depression and the black blizzards of the 1930s turned the American Midwest into a wasteland. For the better part of a decade, thousands of people experienced deprivation and alienation right alongside the Created. They also clung to the faint promise of hope, that the rains would come and restore the land.

This is a single Promethean-specific chapter from the larger work, Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras, now available on its own in PDF and softcover formats.