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Wow! A day and a half after I posted this call, and I have Sixty-Three applications! Many thanks to everyone who’s applied, and if you haven’t yet, you’ve got until Saturday night to message me. I’ll go through and contact as many groups as I can reasonably handle on Sunday to get the ball rolling with NDAs and such. If you don’t hear back immediately, do not despair, though, as in the nature of these things at least one to three groups will fall through.

Real spoiler post on the book is coming soon!



Welcome back, faithful readers!

Busy busy busy putting the nearly-final touches on Awakening before it goes off to editorial and the gentle caress of Mike Chaney’s art direction, so this will be brief.

We’ve been playtesting Awakening second edition for a long time now, from before first drafts, when the team were hammering out concepts of mechanics, up through the first drafts into redlines, and now that all the second drafts are in and I’ve been making sure things fit together. I’m going to run the game again before we’re finished, ...15 COMMENTS

Now Available: W20 Poison Tree, Beast Within in Print, and more!

Vampire: The Masquerade, Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Werewolf: The Forsaken


Now available in ebook and print from DriveThruFiction: The Poison Tree

Savannah is under siege.

For 20 years the minions of the Wyrm have threatened the Coastal Empire, checked only by the courage and cunning of the Shadow Lords. Every year, the septs of the Southern Protectorate send young warriors to aid in the defense and to prove their mettle in the pressure cooker of the port city.

It’s not enough.

Every night, the Wyrm grows stronger, its forces more bold. Now, young cubs are dead and a hidden foe reaches out its claws to exact revenge against Savannah’s Garou.

Ingrid Stormwalker, war chief of the Coastal Empire, must defy her sept’s law, her family, and her pack to uncover the root of the rotten vine that chokes her beloved caern.

Time is running out for the historic city — and the entire Southern Protectorate.

The Poison Tree is the first brand-new Werewolf novel in over a decade, written by SF/fantasy author Mike Lee, who some of you may remember as White Wolf’s developer for Demon: The Fallen.

Also available in ebook and print: The Beast Within Revised

Unseen. The Kindred Move Among ...READ MORE

Changeling the Lost Second Edition: Wizened

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Last Seeming! I’m still fielding thoughts on what you want to see next. I have some thoughts. But yeah.

So, normal rules apply. This is a rough draft. Don’t comment on grammar and typos and shit. I’m also still fussing with the way I want Blessings and Curses to look, so they’re not all perfectly aligned yet. That’s intended. I THINK the way they’ll end up is:

Blessings: Minor mechanical advantage and a condition that can give you free Clarity

Curse: Something that heightens an inherent weakness or otherwise mechanically affects the Changeling template, and something that risks Clarity loss.

Here’s the forum thread for discussing the Wizened.


Placeholder quote about art and shit

You can cry for the mechanical man, for the machine girl, for the person made by their own hands, but they won’t cry for themselves. The Wizened doesn’t know to, or care to. They’ve found a way to cope and live, and it works for them. Wizened are crafters, makers, creators, endless invention embodied in a body or mind that is otherwise incomplete. They’re a jigsaw puzzle missing the edge pieces, and ...12 COMMENTS

June 2015 Release Recap

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Demon Translation Guide 151502

It’s a busy month for us here at Onyx Path in the weeks before Gen Con, which is less than a month away!

Now available on DriveThruRPG:

Vampire: The Masquerade: V20 Dark Ages Wallpapers (Image) Vampire: The Masquerade: Dread Names, Red List (PDF and Print) Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Art of Changing Breeds: A Visual Guide to Fera (PDF and Print) Werewolf: The Apocalypse: W20 Book of the Wyrm Wallpapers (Image) Mage: The Ascension: Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Wallpapers (Image) Demon: The Fallen/Demon: The Descent: Demon Translation Guide (advance PDF) Pugmire: Pugmire Poster 2: Princess Yosha Pug by Larry MacDougall (PDF and Print) Pugmire: Pugmire Poster 3: Sgt. Leo Bulldog by Leonardo Albiero (PDF and Print)

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Vampire: The Masquerade: Retro Vampire 2 by Tim Bradstreet Vampire: The Requiem: Clan Daeva Vampire: The Requiem: Clan Gangrel Vampire: The Requiem: Clan Mekhet Vampire: The Requiem: Clan Nosferatu Vampire: The Requiem: Clan Ventrue Vampire: The Requiem: Covenant: Carthian Movement Vampire: The Requiem: Covenant: Circle of the Crone Vampire: The Requiem: Covenant: Invictus Vampire: The Requiem: Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum Vampire: The Requiem: Covenant: Ordo Dracul Vampire: The Requiem: VII Mage: The Awakening: Order: Adamantine Arrow Mage: The Awakening: Order: Free Council Mage: The Awakening: ...READ MORE

A Week of Snarls and Explosions [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting

BtP-streets-final-v2 copy

Gotta be honest here, we kind of had a low energy Monday meeting today. It was quick, to the point, and only had one extended rant (not mine this time). Usually, only a couple of the gang are on the low energy ebb, while the rest are moving right along all uptempo. Not today.

But it’s actually only natural. Fast Eddy Webb just moved and is getting his new house worked on, so his schedule has been roughed over by doorbells and workmen disturbing his concentration. Plus his head has been in proofing the Pugmire Gen Con material, and working on getting me some new characters to draw up. Or as he calls it, writing a short story.

Rollickin’ Rose and I have been doing the thing we do as the Beast Kickstarter campaign heads into its last few days, including working with Matt McFarland of the Black Hat on his text revisions. Along with Matt, we’ve been trying to reiterate why those revisions have been being made (see previous Monday Meeting Blogs), and that has been demanding. As the KS heads towards finishing it’s like ...29 COMMENTS

Changeling the Lost Second Edition: Elementals

Changeling: The Lost, Open Development


Almost done with Seeming previews here. What would you like to see next?

The Elementals are in-line. Normal rules apply. This is a first draft, unedited. Here’s the thread to discuss them.


“We don’t do, we just are!”

– Michael Alig

They appear to have skin, just like the rest of us, but that’s just a sack, a shape to hold in the storm. The Elemental is the coming storm, the deluge, the forest fire, the one who leaves nothing in it his wake. Sometimes, instead of being overt destruction, instead, the Elemental is a sort of existential ‘place’ where other people go missing. The saying goes something like this, spend too long in the arms of an Elemental, means dying of exposure. That’s not entirely true, of course, some people learn to survive, and are, arguably, better for it. As for the Elemental himself? Eh. It’s all nature, after all.

Appearance: They are dangerous and beautiful or dangerous and unrelenting, but an Elemental is never repellant. He’s intense, takes all the air of out the room, and when anyone else is in his presence, ...46 COMMENTS

Now Available: Red List, Demon Translation Guide, Pugmire Poster 3

Demon: The Descent, Pugmire, Vampire: The Masquerade

Dread Names, Red List 150381

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Dread Names, Red List. This book is a sort of sequel to 1994’s The Kindred Most Wanted in the V20 style. Fun fact: The Kindred Most Wanted was also released on this date!

There are some threats that transcend a local Prince’s domain and become enemies of every Kindred in the Camarilla. These Anathema become targets of a global Blood Hunt for their crimes. Not just political enemies, the monsters on the Red List have been named enemies of the entire Camarilla by the Justicars.

Dread Names, Red List explores the Camarilla’s “Most Wanted” List, naming those deemed most dangerous by the Justicars and their chosen deputies, the Alastors. Included are details on the Anathema that occupy the Red List, as well as details on those who hunt them. Storytellers are also given a toolkit for running Alastor-focused chronicles.

Dread Names, Red List includes:

An in depth look at the 13 beings named Anathema by the Camarilla’s Justicars. A history of the Red List from the earliest nights of the Sect to the present. Advice on creating Alastor ...11 COMMENTS

Down These Mean Streets, a Beast Must Go… [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting

Bl Beast Ambush

No, don’t worry, we aren’t changing Beast: the Primordial into a game of Noir detectives. Like I talked about last week, there are revisions being done, but only to better present Black Hat Matt’s vision for the game.

But there is actually a connection between Beast and Films Noir.

First, a digression.

One of the issues with being self-employed is that if you love what you do, like I do, it is all too easy to obsess over your job. Just one more email. Just another graphic designed or file proofed. Many times during our Monday Lunch Meetings, Fast Eddy Webb and I compare notes on this very question: how do you keep the balance between life and job when there’s no office to drive home from? And not just balance, but  how do you maintain the ability to be creative when you are doing a creative job 24/7? Certainly, that burnout was something White Wolf employees struggled with back in the day.

One method, that Eddy and I each hit on without telling the other, is to continue learning. Keep giving your brain input, ...61 COMMENTS

The End is the Beginning is the End [Mage: The Awakening] [Dark Eras] [Werewolf: The Forsaken]

Mage: The Awakening, News, Open Development, Werewolf: The Forsaken, World of Darkness

Dark Eras Title

(Photo by Michel Wal, under creative commons)

Welcome back, faithful readers!

Mage: The Awakening Second Edition is firmly into Development now. My pasted-together working copy of the book, all of the drafts from authors assembled into a single file, is 420 pages long in Word. I ran the game last week, and I’m much happier with some of the systems. So, it progresses, and we’ll see further blog posts on a couple of extra topics as the game moves forward to release and I start thinking about supplements.

Last time I blogged about World of Darkness: Dark Eras and its Mage content, I gave you a look at the expanded Hellenistic Mage setting. That was the earliest-set chapter in the original text, set in 323 BCE. 2338 years between then and now makes for a very different World of Darkness, almost alien at first glance, but human beings are human beings whenever they live, and Malcolm Sheppard and Danielle Harper’s writing gets that strangeness and familiarity across.

When we started the kickstarter for Dark Eras, Matt, Rose, and Rich asked the Developers for ideas for further eras we ...75 COMMENTS

Dark Eras – Hunter Edo Jidai Preview

Hunter: The Vigil, Open Development, Projects, World of Darkness


A few people have asked if we were going to do open development on the Dark Eras additional content. While I’m not in a position where I can take a ton of commentary and still manage my schedule well, I figured it couldn’t hurt to put a little content out there to show you what we’re doing. I’m personally developing the Changeling the Lost Grimms’ Fairy Tales setting, and this one, Hunter: The Vigil in the early part of the Edo Jidai/Tokugawa Shogunate.

We sort of went all-out on character options in this one. We’ve introduced three new Compacts, and two new Conspiracies. I figured that since Hunter is a relatively Eurocentric game, and hasn’t touched much on Japan, that a lot of area-specific character options would be a great way to foster chronicles, and build setting all at the same time.

We’ve got:

A Compact of pearl divers that deal with the monsters of the sea. An archaic form of the Hototogisu, who you might know from the various Tokyo sections in the Second Edition cores. A Compact of male escorts that hunt in ...36 COMMENTS