Now Available: Lily, Sabre and Thorn, and our 2017-2018 brochures!

Changeling: The Lost, Sales, Trinity Continuum

The first day of Gen Con has gone quite well. Matt says that the numbers bear out what we’ve all felt anecdotally for years: Thursday is our biggest day for sales. While we still have enough supplement material to fill our tables (at least, for now), all our print-on-demand core rulebooks have sold out!

That includes all the copies of Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras which we brought with us. Which segues me nicely into today’s release (or technically yesterday, since it was auto-posted on DriveThru on Wednesday): Dark Eras: Lily, Sabre, and Thorn is now available in PDF and print on DriveThruRPG for Changeling: The Lost!

In the Age of Reason under the reign of Louis XIV, enlightenment went hand-in-hand with court intrigues. The Sun King’s court influenced a time when changeling freeholds gained increasing unity and communication. It is a time of adventure, deception, betrayal, and passion — the roar of cannon, the rustle of silk, the ring of steel. The joys and sorrows and outrageous fortunes of the swashbuckler — these are all too well-known to the Lost.

This is a ...2 COMMENTS

Deviant [Deviant: The Renegades]

Deviant: The Renegades, Open Development

Deviant: The Renegades is in first drafts.

So. New game. What’s that all about?

We’ve spoken at a few conventions here and there about Deviant, and mentioned it as upcoming in brochures and blog posts. There’s a handful of forum threads picking over the scant details we’ve revealed so far, but as we don’t like to assume that everyone reads the forums (because we know most people don’t!) I thought I’d take the time to formally introduce the game as an inaugural Developer’s blog. This isn’t really “Open Development” – not yet – as the game is nowhere near Development stage. We have a sketched-out design of a game’s skeleton, and my crack team of writers are putting words on its bones. In these early blogs, I’ll talk about the game’s inspirational sources, themes, and some of the broader elements of its design. Then we’ll likely go quiet until the drafts start coming in, and we’ll resume with showing you snippets of the work.

You woke up…different. Someone changed you; on a slab, an operating table, an altar. By luck or by fate, you ...35 COMMENTS

Storytelling [Changeling: The Lost]

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Changeling: The Lost core book cover

Hi, folks, Rose here. ^_^ I’ve got two previews for you from the Storytelling chapter of Changeling: The Lost! Plus, come see us at Gen Con!


A Brief Respite Before the Deluge [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Scion Origin art by Shen Fei



Okay, maybe not so brief! Things are in crazy going to GenCon mode now!

A few things to catch up on since I was out last week, and then I’ll talk more about GenCon, or #GenCon50 as I’m told the preferred hashtag goes, after that.


First, White Wolf‘s Storytellers’ Vault went live and oh boy is it rocking!

What, I say, what, is Storytellers’ Vault, you say?*

Why, this little ol’ thing*:

*Read these lines in a Foghorn Leghorn voice, for no particular reason.

Basically, it’s a site that enables you to create V20 (and the earlier editions of Vampire: The Masquerade, too) supplements using pre-created formats and a wide variety of art used in WW books over the years. You price it and then put your book up for sale on the site and retain half of what people pay for it.

Which is a pretty sweet royalty!

Already, a talented handful of Onyx Path freelance creators have stepped up to offer their projects. Folks like Bill Bodden, Jacob Klunder, Crystal Mazur, and Mike Tomesek. Last I checked, Jacob’s Denmark ...33 COMMENTS

Grimoires! [Mage: The Awakening]

Mage: The Awakening, Open Development

Welcome back, faithful readers!

Those paying attention to the Monday Meeting blogs may have noticed that Deviant: The Renegades, the design of which has been my constant companion through a year or more of suckitude, unemployment, sudden relocation, house flooding, illness, and gods laughing at me, is now in First Drafts. This means that while the Deviant team are off their starting blocks, I’m back to Mage and the off-hold-again Signs of Sorcery.

As I’m not at GenCon this year, I thought I’d mark the occasion by releasing another section of the book-once-more-in-progress. A glance at the Forums seems to indicate that “Grimoires: What’s their Deal?” is a popular topic, so – behold! From the pen of Changeling: The Lost Developer Meghan Fitzgerald, here’s the advanced Grimoire rules from SoS.

Signs of Sorcery Open Development – Grimoires

As ever, this hasn’t been passed to Onyx Path’s hardworking editorial team yet, so grammar and such has not been prettified. Enjoy.


And as for Deviant, if that’s your interest, expect a blog soon.


Storytellers Vault now open!

Press Releases, Vampire: The Masquerade

Vampire fans! Have you ever wanted to publish your own By Night setting book? Or cover a bloodline in-depth? Or perhaps you’ve been working on some Vampire fiction and would like to share it with others? Now, how would you like to be able to sell it? Welcome to White Wolf’s Storytellers Vault, now live! You’ll be able to publish your own material from any one of VTM’s current editions: First Edition, Second Edition, Revised Edition, and the 20th Anniversary Edition.

White Wolf Entertainment and DriveThuRPG Launch “Storytellers Vault”, a Creators Content Program for Vampire: The Masquerade

Stockholm, Sweden – August 11, 2017

White Wolf Entertainment, creator of the World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade are partnering with DriveThruRPG to allow independent content creators to publish material set in the World of Darkness using the Storytellers Vault.

For over a quarter century, fans of the World of Darkness have aspired to bring their own unique World of Darkness creations to the masses, and now they can as part of the Storytellers Vault, White Wolf’s new creator content program. Beginning with Vampire: The Masquerade, aspiring writers, ...14 COMMENTS

Now Available: Monarchies of Mau Early Access!

Pugmire, Sales

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Monarchies of Mau Early Access!

Before we were six. Now we are one. We differ on many points, but on these we agree: always trust our instincts, always reward loyalty, and always pounce upon minions of the Unseen. Without these tenets, we are no longer worthy of the adoration of Man. 

— Monarch Trillani Persian von Mau, deceased

Cats have inherited the world, unifying their six fractious monarchies after untold centuries.

These cats have been uplifted to use tools and language, and they seek to rediscover the ruins of the Old Ones. Some have learned to use the leftover technology of humanity, but they believe it to be magic given to them by their lost worshippers. Others seek to create a cohesive nation, using Precepts of Mau agreed to after years of political conflict. The world is dangerous and mysterious, but the instincts of a good cat will always be true.

Monarchies of Mau Early Access is a pre-release, advance look at the upcoming Monarchies of Mau roleplaying game.

It is a near-complete rulebook allowing players to dive right into the world of Monarchies ...5 COMMENTS

Revisiting The Code [Hunter: The Vigil]

Open Development

Hello Hunter fans!

The team and I are doing everything we can to move the needle to second drafts, and I cannot wait for this game to come out. We’re working through my developer’s feedback, so we can clearly proceed with vigor. Plus, we’ve got some great collaboration going on and I personally think you’re going to LOVE Mysterious Places. As you know, I am keen on tapping into why you fell in love with Hunter in the first place while ensuring second edition rules enhance your experience at the table. One of H:TV2E’s setting conceits is the idea that there are more monsters than ever before, and this has affected hunters in many ways. Is there one tried-and-true methodology to fighting monsters? Will they ever be destroyed? What happens when you’re forced to deal with the devil-you-know to fight the devil-you-don’t?

As it turns out, these questions are a wonderful source of conflict that can be resolved thematically and by rolling dice. Today, I’d like to share with you one of the ways we can facilitate gut-wrenching personal conflict via our ...11 COMMENTS

Just Another Manic Monday [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting

Hi, everyone! Rich and Lisa are on vacation this week. Eddy sometimes picks up the slack when they’re gone, but he’s also on vacation, so I leaped at the opportunity to make a fool of myself here in my inaugural MMN post. So fair warning: if you have any questions about the minutiae of our different projects, my answer is probably going to be some variant of “gosh, I don’t know, but I’ll talk to Rich when he gets back.” Consequently, this post will probably be shorter than Rich’s posts tend to be.

Gen Con 50 looms ever closer, a mere ten days away (thus eight or nine days until we leave for Indianapolis), and we’re totally not panicking. At least, some of us aren’t. The Gen Con Twitter account announced earlier that almost all passes are completely sold out: they expect to sell out of their remaining Friday passes this week. So clearly, this year’s Gen Con is going to be huge. I have no idea how many passes are available in total, but there were just shy of 61,000 ...25 COMMENTS

24 Hour Warning: Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras 2 Kickstarter

Chronicles of Darkness

The Kickstarter for Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras 2 has only 24 hours left! Now’s your chance to be involved in the creation of this prestige printed book in the style of the original Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras.

The original Dark Eras prestige edition can be seen here:

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