Promethean: The Created


Screencap from The Shaggy Dog (1959, dir. Charles Barton)

So, Transmutations. The “kewl powerz” of the Promethean set. Let’s talk about them.

In Promethean‘s first edition, Transmutations worked more or less like the powers in other White Wolf games; they had a linear progression (though you could buy them out of sequence for an additional experience cost), and they covered a lot of the bases: aura sight, some mild shapeshifting, combat power here, stealth power there. Most of the powers worked pretty well in-theme, with a few weird outliers, not that I’m ever going to complain about something weird in Promethean.

For the second edition, though, we wanted to mix things up a bit. We wanted to earn the name “Transmutation.” As such, here are my notes from the outline:

Principles of Transmutations Transmutations are all about change. They change the Promethean’s mind, soul, body, Azoth, whatever or they change the world around her. If you’re changing a living thing, you’re pumping it full of Azoth. If that changes its body, it should run the risk of doing lethal damage if you get it wrong. If ...6 COMMENTS

Now Available: Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras!

Changeling: The Lost, Chronicles of Darkness, Demon: The Descent, Geist: The Sin-Eaters, Hunter: The Vigil, Mage: The Awakening, Mummy: The Curse, Promethean: The Created, Sales, Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken

Front Cover

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras!

Darkness Is Always With Us

We have shared the world with monsters for millennia.In the time of Alexander the God-King, mages fought their secret wars. In Elizabeth’s London, vampires built their own empire brick by bloody brick. Before the founding of America, hunters fought enemies within and without. And in the Cold War, as the clock ticked towards Armageddon, we could have been damned by fallen angels.

Secrets Revealed

Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras reveals the world throughout its long and storied past. Through sixteen eras, you’ll learn the secret history of the world, from the flame-lit tales of the Neolithic to the drug-fueled rebellion of the 1970s. Delve into the past, and learn that the Chronicles of Darkness began long before the modern nights.

Dark Eras includes historical settings for Chronicles of Darkness game lines

Dark Eras includes 16 sections, at least one for each game line, including:

Chronicles of Darkness: Beneath the Skin (Skinchangers, 1486-1502) Vampire: The Requiem: Requiem for Regina (1593) Werewolf: The Forsaken: The Sundered World (5500-5000 BCE), The Wolf and the Raven (700-1100), The Bowery Dogs (1969-1979) Mage: The Awakening: The Sundered ...3 COMMENTS

Something, Something: Pun About May [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Front Cover

For some reason, today feels like catch-all day. This month has been crazy and fulfilling in terms of releases, both for sale and to backers of our many Kickstarters, and now we end it with putting the Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras on sale in both PDF and PoD versions!

Once again, this is a biiiig book. Totally my fault as I just couldn’t resist adding too many of the Dark Eras voted in by backers of the Kickstarter. The thing is, the sequel book, the Dark Eras Companion, is going to be pretty much as big! So we’d have had to have done three books coming out of the KS, and maybe we should have, but my head was about adding value for the original book with extra Eras, and then a cool and meaty overflow book. Singular.

So it was a failure of mental flexibility, I’m afraid. I try to leave room in our plans for the unexpected, and this time I didn’t run with the concept as far as I could have.

Nevertheless, and despite my self-perceived flaws, there are going to ...48 COMMENTS


Promethean: The Created

Steve Martin, appearance on The Muppet Show

Steve Martin, appearance on The Muppet Show

One of my favorite bits of Promethean is the Ramble. In case you don’t know, the Ramble is simply the tale of a Promethean’s Pilgrimage, a story summing up their experiences on the road to the New Dawn. I’ve been taken with the idea of Prometheans exchanging letters, constantly relating their Rambles to a disparate throng that maybe only comes together once every few years – it was precisely this idea that fueled The Epistolary Chronicle (which appeared in the Mage Chronicler’s Guide).

The chapter openers for Promethean, like Beast, are going to feature two styles of fiction: One, a connected story of a throng (written by Jose R. Garcia, who also contributed a story to the Firestorm Chronicle Anthology), and two, on the facing page, part of a Ramble.

One thing that we’ve tried to do with Promethean Second Edition is really dig in to the potential diversity of these characters. Part of that meant adding in the Extempore and the Unfleshed as fully playable options, and collecting all 9 of the original Refinements (and adding a 10th!) into the book, but ...21 COMMENTS

Now Available: The Pack Merch

Sales, Werewolf: The Forsaken


Now available from our RedBubble store:

Lodge: Eaters of the Dead (shirts, mugs) Lodge: Lodge of Garm (shirts, mugs) Lodge: Temple of Apollo (shirts, mugs) Lodge: The Screaming Moon (shirts, mugs) Lodge: Thousand Steel Teeth (shirts, mugs) Art: Big Bad Wolf (phones) Art: Big Bad Wolf duotone (phones) Art: Garage Rumble (shirts, phones) Art: Thailand (shirts, phones) Art: The Pack Cover (shirts, phones) Art: The Pack Cover w/logo (shirts)

What’s all this about? The recent release of the advance PDF of The Pack for Werewolf: The Forsaken! Have you checked it out yet?


GenCon Inside(r) Poop [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Secrets of the Covenants art by Mark Kelly

Secrets of the Covenants art by Mark Kelly


For the past three years, I’ve been thrilled to be a Gen Con Industry Insider and sit on panels and spread the awareness of just what Onyx Path Publishing is, have a give and take with the audience, and meet other industry folks I wouldn’t have had a chance to.

I’m particularly thrilled that the Gender Representation in RPG Art panel was my best attended and most lively panel each year. But three to five more panels wedged in to Onyx‘s already jam-packed schedule at the con just looked like too much for this year, so I didn’t submit myself for the 2016 honor.

But a bunch of Onyx Path folks did, and so Eddy Webb and Monica Valentinelli will be Insiding this year: yay!

What’s weird, though, is that this year there is overall, I think, one more female Insider than male going to be on panels and some people are freaked out about it.

More women on panels than men? Who could live in such a world?

As long-time readers of this blog probably realize, I’m ...45 COMMENTS

Pantheons [Scion Second Edition Open Development]


The Twelve Olympians plus eight other gods. Loggia di Psiche, 1518–19, by Raphael and his school, at the Villa Farnesina

The Twelve Olympians plus eight other gods. Loggia di Psiche, 1518–19, by Raphael and his school, at the Villa Farnesina

If you need to sum up Scion in a single sentence, it’s this: “Who you are is very much tied to who you are to other people”.

Even more than politicians, the Gods know the power of a good narrative – and good public relations. No God is an island, no Hero exists without someone setting her story in motion. You are bound and defined by your relationships. It’s in the name of the game: being a scion of something means you’re from a greater parent, which right there defines your identity by someone or something else. Or, to use a convenient phrase, it serves to start defining your Legend.

Most of the Gods in Scion belong to the pantheons, Gods who have a shared narrative – a shared Fate. By extension, Heroes and Demigods belong to their ranks as well (and no few Legendary associates and, yes, even a select few Titans, like Helios). In the prior edition, the pantheons were largely bloodlines, ...77 COMMENTS

Now Available: The Pack

Sales, Werewolf: The Forsaken

The Pack

Now available as an advance PDF from DriveThruRPG: The Pack.

The wolf must hunt, but it cannot hunt alone. Your hunts need the talents and instincts of other werewolves to slaughter the most dangerous prey. Your hunting grounds and families need the watching eyes of those with the blood of the Wolf of the spirit of the Moon. Your pack needs grounding in the world, humans who provide their contacts, expertise, and support. A pack is not a pack without a totem, a warden in the world of Spirit that watches over the entire pack.

A pack is family and gang and club and cult, but some werewolves go further. Tragedy drives werewolves apart, leaving the Wolf-Blooded to hold the pack together and herd the surviving Uratha in service to the Siskur-Dah. A pack cannot hunt without knowledge of the broader  supernatural world, so accepts a mystic into their ranks. Packs form protectorates & fragile alliances, cemented in rituals of honor or arranged marriage. A packmate joins a Lodge, a mystery-cult that teaches dangerous secrets that empower their whole pack on the hunt.

Alone ...7 COMMENTS

Branded! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Guy Davis illustrates Specters

Guy Davis illustrates Specters


Anybody else remember the amazing art Guy Davis did for Dark Reflections: Specters, a book branded with the Black Dog label for Wraith: the Oblivion? Everything Guy ever drew had stories woven through it beyond the depiction for the book. He is just a fantastic storyteller.

But Rich, I hear at least one of you ask, why are you talking about Black Dog? Wasn’t that just a parody of White Wolf in Book of the Wyrm?

Oh no, my questioning friend, Black Dog was also a logo, a brand if you will, that we at WW put on certain books back in the day.

Last week, a few fun forum folks raised the question of whether Onyx Path was going to do new Black Dog projects because of the 20 year anniversary thing we do so well. While giving the answer (We have no plans at this time), it became obvious that maybe it’d be helpful if I explained a bit about why WW adopted the Black Dog brand and just what the purposes of such brands can be.


The World [Scion Second Edition Open Development]

Open Development, Scion, Scion: Hero


Welcome back, faithful readers! Titans didn’t win, which means today’s blog post is about The World.



Four and a half billion years ago, a ball of molten dust and raw, sun-forged elements coalesced into a planet. This one time, another planet crashed into it, and the resulting molten mass formed into a tiny moon. Other than that, nothing much has happened on that little planet, though to be honest with you I haven’t checked in a while.

Woe that I haven’t. This is a time of heroes.

The World is Tiamat, carved into shape and form by Marduk. It is Rangi and Papi, locked in their embrace while their children war within them. It was created by a wagtail swimming upon an infinite ocean, and by Q’uq’umatz and Tepeu speaking the word “Earth” when floating upon a similar infinite ocean. Atum existed within a very similar ocean, containing all the World within himself, taking the definitions and limits of existence from the Primordial Deities and granting stewardship to the Ennead until he was named. The sons of Burr lifted the earth out of another ...66 COMMENTS