A name that will live on in infamy for years to come. Wait, who? Oh, that guy. Scrum Master. QA Tester. Art Director. Graphic Designer. Events Coordinator. Marketing/Production Liaison. Retail Relations Manager. Card Department Intern. “The Dennis Rodman of the Gaming Industry.”* These are but a few of the jobs Brian held at White Wolf Publishing and then at CCP Games.**

Now? Brian’s a gun for hire. A freelance Art Director/Graphic Designer wandering the mean streets of Malta. His daytime guise is that of mild mannered Scrum Master at TRC Family Entertainment, working on an unannounced project. But when the sun goes down, he fires up InDesign, directs artists, and blends words and art to make pretty picture books and PDFs. A 16-year veteran in the RPG and MMO industry, Brian has worked on many White Wolf properties and is excited to be working with Onyx Path Publishing.

*E. Gary Gygax – said to Brian at a GenCon many, many moons ago.
**Okay, that’s actually every job Brian’s held at White Wolf and CCP.

Portfolio: Brian Glass
Twitter: @btglass