C.A. Suleiman has contributed scores of books to the hobby games industry’s top properties, including Dungeons & Dragons and the World of Darkness. Along with (still) being the developer for White Wolf’s Mummy: The Curse line, he is the creator of the world of Hamunaptra (first published in boxed set form by Green Ronin Publishing). He’s especially proud to have co-authored Vampire: The Requiem, and counts it among his favorite White Wolf projects (along with Orpheus, Cairo by Night, Road of Heaven, and Belial’s Brood), and to have shepherded development of the world’s first fantasy campaign setting — Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor — until its storied creator’s passing in 2009.

C.A. lives in the Washington, D.C. area, where his band (Toll Carom) is busy toiling away at its latest concept album. Despite the many and varied protestations of his better judgment, he finds himself a regular contributor to the Facebook.

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