Rich Thomas

Since 1986, when he began illustrating and art directing for White Wolf Magazine, Rich has been responsible for the look and feel of every White Wolf product ever created — ranging from RPG books, fiction, board/card games and everything in between. Assuming the role of Creative Director in 2006, Rich became responsible for White Wolf’s writing and development as well. His administration included the launch of multiple Ennie-award winning product lines: Scion and Changeling: The Lost. Last year, Rich was one of the driving forces behind the Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition, and has returned to the world of traditional RPGs from his stint as the Director of Game Design and Content on the World of Darkness MMO, with a renewed focus on the continued Classic World of Darkness line and as the force behind Onyx Path Publishing.

Along the way, Rich contributed to the unique style and presentation of White Wolf’s products by creating the many clan, tribe, tradition, and other groups’ symbols and the alphabets of Werewolf and Exalted. But as an illustrator, Rich is best known for his work on CCGs: VTESDoomtown, RAGE, Netrunner, Shadowfist, and he is regarded as a classic Magic: The Gathering artist where his creation the “Stuffy Doll” first appeared on the original Black Vise artwork.

Twitter: @rich_thomas_ww

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