Canis Minor Spotlight


Today we spotlight another of the Canis Minor releases: Character Creation with Oliver & Odie by Josh Wasta. Eddy talks about what he likes about this release.

Character Creation with Oliver & Odie is great, because people are always telling me how they want to play their dog in Pugmire. It’s great to hear, but it’s not something I gave explicit advice on. Josh took the opportunity of using Canis Minor to address that, giving two concrete examples of how to emulate the personalities of two different dogs and make them into Pugmire characters. Even his tagline of “playing not just A good dog but YOUR good dog” is wonderful. I can’t wait to see more Canis Minor products like these!

Character Creation with Oliver & Odie is pay what you want at

Do you want to try your own hand at making Pugmire products? Then check out Canis Minor!