Classic Adventures of the Scarred Lands

Scarred Lands

Titanshome Mountains from Scarred Lands by Felipe Gaona

Welcome back, adventurers!

Travis Legge here, Scarred Lands Line Developer for Onyx Path Publishing, returning to talk a bit about some of the classic adventure styles, story elements, and narrative flairs that make a Scarred Lands story. This should help inspire you when creating your own Expedition Scarred Lands adventures in the Expedition Quest Creator!

Artifacts of the Divine War

The Divine War, also known as the Titanswar, ended only a century and a half ago. During the war, the gods and the titans fought on the surface of Scarn. Their great battles were catastrophic, often changing the landscape and leaving scattered detritus in their wake. As battles ended and titans fell, the gods had concerns far beyond cleaning up the aftermath of every individual skirmish. Various items of power, relics, and titanic remains were left scattered across the surface of Scarn. Adventures such as the Gauntlet of Spiragos focus on tracking down such items and retrieving them from their resting places. Often the very presence of these relics is so potent and corrupting that the area becomes twisted, dangerous, and infested with titanspawn. It falls to the heroes and adventurers of the Scarred Lands to retrieve these relics and see them delivered to safe hands.

The Power-Maddened Villain

While Scarn is home to countless heroes and adventurers who strive to see the world healed and repaired, there are those who amass power for selfish, evil ends. King Virduk of the Calastian Hegemony hoards magical secrets and political might in his quest for true immortality. Lucien Daine, the Dark Messiah of Glivid-Autel is another example of this type of villain. Though these villains are human, their aspirations and schemes make them as great a threat as any titan. Detailed write-ups of these villains and many others can be found in the Scarred Lands sourcebook The Wise & The Wicked. Each character featured in this book includes a brief backstory filled with plot hooks that can be used to inspire your own tales in the Scarred Lands!

Happy adventuring!