Community Content Spotlight: Voices of the Snow

Scarred Lands

Hi there! Travis Legge here to share some more Slarecian Vault content for Frostlands of Fenrilik with you. Today, I would like to focus on Voices of the Snow by Joe Raso. This book covers three class options for player characters that are specific to Fenrilik. These are the new cleric Domain of Cold available to followers of the demigod Fraelhia the Snow Queen, the nearly-forgotten Titan Gulaben as an option for druids belonging to the Circle of the Fallen, and a new warlock patron, the Voice of the Singing Snow. Joe did his homework on the setting and it shows in the choices he made when creating these subclasses, as each touches on a somewhat obscure, but very intriguing piece of Scarred Lands lore.

Mechanically, each subclass matches its flavor and offers something unique to players. These powers are quite useful while conveying the arctic feel of the setting. The mechanics and the flavor of each blend perfectly, from the Cold Domain’s Shielding Ice Channel Divinity option to the Voice of the Singing Snow’s Winter’s Grip feature. Players looking to bring a chilling set of powers to the table need look no further! While the Gulaben entry is strictly presented from a lore-based perspective, the Domain of Cold and the Voice of the Singing Snow could easily be incorporated into any 5e compatible setting.

Voices of the Snow is a fine example of the type of player-facing content you can create yourself for sale at Slarecian Vault. If you have a homebrew class that fits the Scarred Lands, whether in Fenrilik or Ghelspad, we would love to see it on the Slarecian Vault today!

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