Day 20: The Wyld West

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W20 Wyld WestTalk about a blast from the past! It’s been forever since I made that initial pitch for Werewolf: The Wild West (“Wyld West” is revisionist history). But it all came howling back when we put together this stretch goal supplement for Werewolf 20. I loved rebuilding the Iron Riders, revisiting the Storm Umbra, and updating the Enlightened Society of the Weeping Moon — some of the best consarned villains who ever shot a man just to watch him die.

The Enlightened Society of the Weeping Moon

Humans are by nature joiners. The 19th century is littered with fraternal orders, many of which claim some form of esoteric enlightenment or another for those who are accepted by the brethren and swear to keep the order’s secrets. The social advantages of these orders are quite the selling point: join up and you now have a pledge of brotherhood with other well-connected folk of like mindset, offering both clout and prestige. But those pledges lead to deep trouble when the like mindset in question is the manifold corruption of the Enlightened Society of the Weeping Moon. Like other secret societies of the time, it proclaims to work for the betterment of all its brothers (and some sisters; it’s a forward-looking movement in some chapters). But the truth is that its members are sworn to the greater glory of the Wyrm itself.

The Societas Erudita Lunae Lacrimandi is a secular organization with mystic overtones. Their rituals pay a misguided form of homage to Luna, who manifests in the organization’s mythology as an aloof and unforgiving goddess. The Prophecy of the Weeping Moon states that when the time is right, and her way has been prepared by her followers, Luna herself will descend to Earth and wash away the flawed aspects of creation with her silvery tears.

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