Day 24: Rage Across the World

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Rage Across the WorldRage Across the World exists to ground Werewolf in the modern world. W20’s setting is very much that of the modern day (well, of 2012), but it’s handled with a light touch. Rage Across the World goes beyond just describing what the world is like in general terms. It focuses in on how specific places and specific incidents affect the Garou, from the riots in London to the Arab Spring, and from Pripyat to Norilsk. It also covers what life is like away from the real world, in among the septs where a werewolf can pretend just for a moment that the world isn’t quite that bad.

In order to spice up what could have been a rather dry look at places across the world, we instead gave over each travelogue chapter to a specific character, to be written in that character’s voice. That way, it goes beyond description and becomes experience. Combined with some of the fantastic art (Diedra’s picture on p. 84 is one I use to show off what an experienced Get of Fenris might look like) we get a sense of three very different narrators, with different experiences and different perspectives on the world. Naturally, the book includes descriptions and traits for our narrators. After all, who knows where they might show up next?

Lobo del Lago Lunar narrates the Wyld chapter, looking in on places of unspoiled wilderness, and keeping a close watch on threatened wolf populations. I can’t say he’s my favorite character because I love all three of them, but his is perhaps the most unique perspective.

Lobo del Lago Lunar

History: Cub Finder took Lobo del Lago Lunar under her tutelage soon after his First Change, and he spent the first four years of his new life as her assistant. Recognizing he would need to prove himself to the larger society of Garou, Cub Finder sent him north to the Eldest Sequoia Sept — a longtime stronghold of the Children of Gaia.

In addition to participating in several attacks on the Wyrm’s servants, Lobo del Lago earned a reputation as a teacher for helping homid cubs master their Lupus form. Garou of other septs invited him to provide similar instruc- tion to their cubs. On one such trip to Ireland — an island where no wolf has roamed for centuries — Lobo del Lago experienced a revelation: it is so much easier to protect a wolf population than to replace one.

Lobo del Lago Lunar admired his mentor for her work with the Mexican wolves. Cub Finder had prevented the extinction of an entire subspecies, after all. But that project had taken decades to bear fruit, and it would not have been necessary if the Mexican wolf hadn’t nearly been wiped out. Lobo del Lago Lunar felt that the Garou were not doing enough worldwide to protect wolves from the minions of the Wyrm. Many werewolves didn’t even know where in the world wolves were thriving and where they were threatened. Lobo del Lago Lunar vowed to change that. With some guidance from his mentor, he presented a formal proposal to the Elders, and he has been traveling ever since.

Appearance: Lobo del Lago Lunar has a golden brown coat except his white belly and dark grey back. He has surprisingly few scars for a werewolf of his rank — just one J-shaped scar on his chest that is usually covered by fur. When he takes Homid form, he appears as a short Latino man in his mid-20s with dark brown eyes and short black hair. Although he usually takes care to look and act human in that form, he almost always has dirt under his fingernails.

Roleplaying Notes: You’re exceptionally observant, and your keen nose eventually gets to the truth about everyone and everything. A person’s reaction to a question is often more important than his answer, so you’re outwardly friend- ly and seldom confrontational when hunting for the facts. Even so, you’re constantly measuring everyone you meet to ensure they are doing their duty to the Garou Nation.

You spend a lot of time thinking and talking about wolves in the same way that a military officer in charge of keeping an army fed thinks and talks about food. This survey of wolves isn’t just some environmentalist mission to you. You know that what you’re doing is critical to the war against the Wyrm’s servants, and you have little patience for Garou who dismiss its importance.

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