Day 6: Those That Hunt: A Look at Hunters Hunted II

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The Hunters Hunted IIWhen Justin asked me to develop Chapter Six of Hunters Hunted II, covering organizations like the Inquisition, Special Affairs Division, and the Arcanum, I thought it was a great chance to update some great bits of the Year of the Hunter books, as well as a way to add new bits to those groups. Here’s one example: the initiation rite for the Arcanum.

The Arcanum’s Initiation Rite

The Arcanum’s new recruits are given the title of Neophyte once they accept the offer to join, but they aren’t truly considered part of the society until Initiation. A group of them are gathered to the Foundation House to meet with the Grand Chancellor and take in the sheer weight of history and knowledge that is the Arcanum. When they arrive, they’re told that the Initiation will take place the following day, led by the Mystagogue of the Initiation — not a held position; anyone high enough in the society may be asked to lead the ritual.

That evening, the initiates are invited to casually enjoy the fourth floor lounge. Only they and servant staff are there, and the Neophytes are given some time to talk among themselves. At this point, the Initiation has begun: the food and drink are laced with a powerful hallucinogen and a mild narcotic.

Surreal dreams flood their minds. One Neophyte spoke of a vast maze and an owl that screamed challenges as it assaulted his flesh. These dreams are perhaps the most pleasant portion of the ritual, for when they wake, they’re each alone and naked in a wooden coffin. Initiates invariably scream and try to claw out as the drugs begin to wear off and the horror of dying inside a coffin comes fully to mind.

Only then are initiates allowed out, to find they’re on a small isle. Once all are gathered, they’re lead to the water. Arcanists in robes stand on the opposite end of the shore, waiting for the initiates to enter the water and be baptized.

The Mystagogue delivers the new Neophytes through the end of the ritual, and declares: “New Brothers and Sisters of the Arcanum, you have died and been reborn. Now cleanse yourselves and join us.” Then are they welcomed into the fold.

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  2 comments for “Day 6: Those That Hunt: A Look at Hunters Hunted II

  1. UnsilentMajority
    October 6, 2015 at 12:10 pm

    Probably my favorite book of the Onyx Path era.

    Justin Achilli is a God and needs more OP work.

  2. Phaolan
    October 6, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    I whole-heartedly agree the the above post!

    The Hunters Hunted II Kickstarter was also the best one I’ve seen so far. It was what allowed us to get that sixth chapter rather than appendices (which we would have got also because of the Kickstarter!) that Eddy got to develop. Sure, the added content slowed down the process and made more work by adding about 50% more to the original content expected, but for my part it was totes worth it!

    Further, The Hunters Hunted was a book BEGGING for a V20 update, and this update delivered in terms of rules, world building, fiction, and even art (check out the painting on the new book’s page 152 compared to the illustration on the original’s page 54 for my favourite example).

    …So for all these reasons and more, let us choose a career in nuclear — wait, no. Let’s purchase and cherish The Hunters Hunted II, maybe? XP

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