Episode 14: Conventions

Onyx Pathcast

In which Dixie, Matthew, and Eddy queue up and buy their badges for a chat about conventions

* Tangent 1: Dixie and Matthew argue about Japanese
* We’re at Gen Con! But not yet. But we are now. It’s very confusing.
* The food trucks are quite good
* Matthew’s first con experience at UK Games Expo
* Dixie’s first con experience at Dragon Con
* Tangent 2: Matthew as a DC fan at New York Comic Con
* Eddy’s first con experience at Origins and the early 90s LARP scene
* Very few (US) cons these days are focused on just one thing, but gamers are sometimes very focused
* How often do we get to play games at cons?
* Dixie has never played a game at a con. Or has she?
* Fomo: The fear of missing out
* Playing and running con games/one-shots is different from playing and running a game with a regular group
* Midwinter is a great show
* What’s the difference of attending as a professional over attending as an individual?
* The RPG industry is a drinking culture
* Tangent 3: People telling us we suck
* How to chat with pros and ask for autographs
* Tangent 4: Harry Potter discussion
* What we’re looking forward to at Gen Con 2018
* Matthew got wrestled without consent. Consent is important!