Episode 38: The Prolific John Snead!

Onyx Pathcast

In which Dixie and Eddy talk to John Snead about his long and varied career. Seriously, he’s done so much.

  • We are not the Green Ronin podcast!
  • The intimacy of the RPG industry
  • Dixie and Eddy fight for legend status
  • Killing people with kindness
  • Redlining and whether green is a rude color
  • John’s start with Lion Rampant
  • Blue Rose first edition
  • The freelance life vs a career in cultural anthropology
  • Working on and developing Trinity Continuum: Aeon
  • Adding and updating representation
  • Excited about sci-fi
  • Eclipse Phase
  • Changeling the Lost
  • Mage the Awakening
  • Turning down work and doing small workloads
  • Writing magic systems
  • Awkward silence!
  • Writing Exalted charms and rolling lots of dice
  • Writing fiction and hiding your inspiration
  • How the industry is changing
  • Shout out to Danielle Lauzon!
  • History of the Storypath system
  • John wants to work on his own games
  • We discuss putting Matthew in a box
  • More John stuff we didn’t even get to
  • Toying with the idea of repeat guests
  • We’re close to our 50th episode!


Also, a list of all the magic systems John worked on:
1 Ars Magica 3e: Shamans – Shamanism
1 Nephilim: Liber Ka – Sorcery
2 Conspiracy-X 1e: Forsaken Rites – Sorcery & Alchemy
4 Ars Magica 4e: Hedge Magic – (Ascetics, Cunning Folk, Natural Magic, & Spirit Masters)
1 Star Trek (LUG): The Way of Kohlinar: Vulcan Psi
1 Dying Earth RPG – Magic system
2 Buffy: The Magic Box – Magic & Weird Science
1 Exalted 1e: Player’s Guide – Dragon Kings Magic
1 nWoD: Immortals – Purified powers
2 The Mistborn RPG – Allomancy & Ferruchemy
1 Laundry Files RPG – Mythos Sorcery
1 Eldritch Skies – Mythos Sorcery
2 BRP: Enlightened Magic – Enlightened Sorcery & Enlightened Alchemy
1 Mythras: After the Vampire Wars – Half-Fae Magic
1 Reign 2e: Clockwork Sails – Clockworkers (soon to be published)

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  1. Ian A. A. Watson
    February 10, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    Regarding the discussion ~23:00 mark: The cedilla diacritic used under a C indicates the letter is supposed to be pronounced as an S rather than as a K, so “Norça” is pronounced as “Norsa” rather than “Norka.”

    Fr’ex: “façade”.

    • February 12, 2019 at 8:49 am

      Thanks, Ian!

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