Changeling: The Lost

Changeling: The Lost

Taken from your home, transformed by the power of Faerie, kept as the Others’ slave or pet — but you never forgot where you came from. Now you have found your way back through the Thorns, to a home that is no longer yours. You are Lost. Find yourself.

Launched August 16, 2007  Changeling: The Lost corebook won the ENnie for Product of the Year, along with a number of other awards for Production values, Art and Writing. Conceived as a limited series, the overwhelming popular response to this product line resulted in a expansion from the original six books with another four supplements and two adventures.

What is Changeling: The Lost?

Changelings are humans who escape from the lane of the Fae, breaking through the Hedge (a barrier between worlds), and return to the world of their birth  our world. The fact of living in Faerie there changes every human being in a fundamental fashion. This is what makes them the Lost. They are reflections of their experience  unique, separate from other human beings and from each another.

Reflecting this setting concept, Changeling: The Lost features a detailed character-creation system, allowing for more concept customization than other New World of Darkness game lines. The game focuses on the experiences of the characters as they re-discover the world of their birth, try to cope with the changes they have undergone, and seek to evade recapture.


World of Darkness Rulebook  Changeling: The Lost Rulebook


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