Gen Con!


gencon2013Hey, everyone!

We’re all at Gen Con for the next few days. That includes Rich Thomas, Mike Chaney, Rose Bailey, and Ian Watson. That means we’ll all be pretty busy, and may not be able to do the site updating we’d like to do while we’re there. Comments may go unmoderated.

Just a heads-up!

We also have a number of automated posts going out over our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ pages, so keep an eye on them if you’d like to know what’s happening at the con, or just want to know the usual birthday/today-in-history stuff.

Although I may not be able to update our schedule page until I come back, our brand new schedule will be auto-posted as a news item at the conclusion of Saturday’s “What’s Up With Onyx Path/White Wolf?” panel, which runs from 1pm-2pm.

Hope to see you at the con!