Hunters Hunted 2 and Anarchs Unbound

A lot is happening in Vampire-land.

An Anarch in his native environment, circa 1982.

First, the outline for Anarchs Unbound has been posted, and awaits your commentary. Feedback on the Hunters Hunted 2 outline was strong and definitely helped us refine the direction of the book, and I’m hoping we can see some similar strength in feedback on the Anarchs outline. The writers are looking to the online outline (online outline… that feels odd to type. Online outline with inline comments… align!) for their writing assignments, so you can be certain if you leave a comment there that both I and the writer will see it. The more you let us know what you see AU offering, the more we can help it do that. Unless you’re Conrad. I have a macro set to dump all of Conrad’s comments into the trash.

Vampire infestation? Sullivan Dane can help you.

Second, the texts for Hunters Hunted 2 are available for perusal. I’m turning on the comments in this one, too, but they’ll be used differently in practice. The HH2 texts are already developed (but not yet edited), so what you’re seeing is 95% of how the content will appear in the book. I’m leaving comments only in case there’s some egregious flub in there (“Lincoln wasn’t president after Carter, Achilli! READ A BOOK.”) that made it past me. Previous player-supported clean-up efforts included a historical inaccuracy corrected in Children of the Night and a technical correction in HH2, so I’m really happy to see not only that the system works, but that the excellent community of Vampire players is willing and expert enough to help. Mike Chaney is hard at work on art directing HH2 right now, and I’ll see if he has any docs that we can share for that in order to pull back the curtain a bit on that part of the process.

  4 comments for “Hunters Hunted 2 and Anarchs Unbound

  1. Roger Barnes
    November 19, 2012 at 3:55 am

    Funny, Vyvyan is exactly who I have always envisioned when thinking about anarchs.

  2. Paul Baxter
    November 26, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Thanks for putting up the HH2 text and leaving the comments on. I was careful NOT to go into all the things that I didn’t dig in terms of development (Super-nerd voice: “That’s ALL the info I get on Project Twilight? Well… Glad I still have my old book about them!”), and I didn’t see much that was egregious. In all, it’s a well done set of text.

  3. December 3, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    I just got that “Sullivan Dane” is a reference to “Solomon Kane” twenty-one years on…

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