Hunting Prep 101 [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Oh yes, the time has come. We are getting prepped for the Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition for Chronicles of Darkness Kickstarter on Thursday, the 6th at 2pm EST. Flashlights, arcane knowledge, talismans, Desert Eagles, stakes, silver bullets, all that kind of thing!

HtV 2e will be the last of the first edition core books needing to be updated to 2nd Edition, and we are really excited to be able to essentially add in the final piece of the Chronicles of Darkness 2e puzzle for first edition fans.

And beyond that, I’m excited because first edition was one of the two Chronicles of Darkness (back when the line was called the New World of Darkness) game lines that I green-lit as WW Creative Director and worked on from start to finish with the developers.

Not that I was involved with every day to day decision – no siree! The genius parts of Changeling: The Lost and Hunter: The Vigil were all brought to you by the incredible creative teams that put their awesome hard work into those books. No, my efforts then, and a large part my efforts still, were to set the course, determine the tone we were going for, hire the right main dev, and make sure they were onboard – and then help them bring it to fruition with that overall feeling intact.

Nameless and Accursed art by Tilen Javornik

Why, I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was sitting at my computer desk in my studio on the fringes of Philadelphia talking to newly signed-on Hunter developer Chuck Wendig…

…waaaaavvvvy liiiiinnnneeesssss…

“Chuck”, I said, because that’s his name, “You good with all the pitch notes and idea files I sent you?” He replied that he had a couple of ideas to run past me, actually. One, he was thinking of ways to give the Hunters something special. Not supernatural, but a boost in what they could do in combat with foes that will usually outmatch, or completely outmatch them.

The other was a meta way to look at the Hunter: The Vigil experience so you could comfortably, and be supported by the game if you wanted to, use HtV to play the lone hunter type, the plucky band of investigators, and the world-spanning hunters that are part of huge or wealthy or ancient organizations.

So we talked about different ways both those elements could work in the basically working-class joe sort of Hunter he was envisioning.

…waaaaavvvvvyyyy lllliiiinnnneeeesssss…

From that conversation were planted the seeds that grew into the Tactics system and the Three Tier system that Chuck did such a fantastic job of bringing to the game, and were both such an important part of what made first edition HtV stand out.

Side note: Although not involved with HtV 2e in any way, Chuck Wendig has, of course, gone onto a stellar writing career after his stint writing and developing for White Wolf over a decade ago, and has written both for brands like Star Wars, and has written his own novels, including the absolutely superb and terrifying Wanderers, which I truly can not recommend strongly enough. I read it almost non-stop for three days last summer; it is just that compelling!

Distant Worlds art by Pat McEvoy

During the time we were working on the core book, I remember doing a PowerPoint presentation during a CCP North America retreat – in fact this might have been the first one since White Wolf and CCP had merged – about the Tabletop RPGs we were making in our little division of the now-merged company.

Up until I began to explain Hunter – the new game – I got the impression that of the audience consisting of the WW crew, plus those CCPers who had moved to the US, plus new employees, that only the WW crew were responding with any real enthusiasm. There were some chuckles at the right spots, but not enough of the kind of response I was used to.

Then, I started to explain the ideas behind Hunter, and one after another, you could almost see them like flowers opening one by one as the sun hits them at dawn, the audience began to really listen. And react to the amazing Hunter art we were showing them. And laugh. And finally, at the end, it was the Icelanders from CCP that cheered the loudest when I practically yelled out that we should “Take Back The Night!”.

Helluva moment.

Now, that was the past, which sets us up for the present, which is this new, second, edition. Here’s a run-down of the book pulled from the Kickstarter page:

Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition includes all the rules you need to play a hunter in a tier-one, -two, or -three chronicle.

  • Chapter One: Provides an overview of a hunter’s world; the history of the hunt; the types of hunters you can play; and three, separate types of gameplay included in this book: tiers one, two, and three.
  • Chapter Two: Compacts and Conspiracies are specialized hunter organizations that may be used for tier-two or -three games. In this chapter, you’ll read more about Hunter lore and the history of the compacts and conspiracies, find write-ups for six compacts and six conspiracies, along with rules for tier-three Endowments and how to make them.
  • Chapter Three: Allows you to build and customize a character. You’ll learn how hunters retain one foot in an unsuspecting world and another in the Vigil. Plus, you’ll discover more about the Code and how it shapes hunters’ core identities and beliefs.
  • Chapter Four: Dives into the rules for gameplay. It also offers rules for specific aspects of Hunter that includes investigation and socializing along with teamwork and Tactics.
  • Chapter Five: Offers a taste of the strange and unusual monsters hunters may come across during the hunt. Sample monsters are presented according to the type of terrain from which they originate along with notes for how these creatures may be modified. Additionally, monster-creation rules, ephemeral-entity rules, and Dread Powers are found in this chapter.
  • Chapter Six: Takes another look at the Hunter setting by introducing where monsters live, locations the supernatural has tainted, and which places are actually monsters themselves. It offers new rules to handle each type of location, along with several examples.
  • Chapter Seven: Is a sample chronicle setting. Yanked from the slasher-movie genre, the Slasher Chronicle is a horror-movie-themed setting that includes a new slasher-specific compact and conspiracy, rules for building slashers, customized approaches for tier-one, -two, and -three gameplay, new Storyteller characters, and more!
  • Chapter Eight: Offers advice for Storytellers to help build and manage a chronicle while fleshing out rules for Storyteller characters. Additional content includes advice for creating player-facing compacts and conspiracies.
  • The Appendices: Provide Equipment, Conditions, and Tilts likely to come into play in Hunter.
Heroic Land Dwellers art by Brian LeBlanc

So with that lead-in, I hope you’ll check out the HtV 2e Kickstarter when it goes live Thursday. Like most of our recent KSs, we’re doing this to finish off a great hardcover traditionally printed book and then print extras to get them into stores.

And also like most of our recent KSs, backers will receive sections of the finished text throughout the KS so they can decide if what they are reading works for them. If so, that’s what we want, and if not, backers can drop their pledges before the KS campaign is over.

Basically, unlike for the Hunters, it’s a no-lose scenario for backers, so I hope we’ll see you all there!

Or if not, then in others of our:

Many Worlds, One Path!



Next on Kickstarter is Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition for Chronicles of Darkness starting THIS WEEK at 2pm EST on February 6th!

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Some new Occultists Anonymous for all you Mage: The Awakening lovers out there:

Episode 76: Fault Lines
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Episode 77: Hold My Beer
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The Botch Pit release their Beginner’s Guide to Promethean: The Created video regarding Flux Pandorans right here:

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The Trinity Core


The Storypath System

Finally, if irreverent interviews are your thing, Matthew Dawkins was interviewed by Utility Muffin Labs for the 25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade podcast right here. It’s a bit sweary:

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And now, the new project status updates!

DEVELOPMENT STATUS FROM EDDY WEBB (projects in bold have changed status since last week):

First Draft (The first phase of a project that is about the work being done by writers, not dev prep)

  • Exalted Essay Collection (Exalted)
  • N!ternational Wrestling Entertainment (Trinity Continuum: Aberrant)
  • Contagion Chronicle Ready-Made Characters (Chronicles of Darkness)
  • Trinity Continuum: Adventure! core (Trinity Continuum: Adventure!)
  • Duke Rollo fiction (Trinity Continuum: Aberrant)
  • TC: Aberrant Jumpstart (Trinity Continuum: Aberrant)
  • RUST (Working Title) (Scarred Lands)
  • Under Alien Suns (Trinity Continuum: Aeon)
  • Mission Statements (Trinity Continuum: Aeon)
  • Adversaries of the Righteous (Exalted 3rd Edition)
  • Hundred Devil’s Night Parade (Exalted 3rd Edition)
  • Novas Worldwide (Trinity Continuum: Aberrant)
  • Exalted Essence Edition (Exalted 3rd Edition)


  • Kith and Kin (Changeling: The Lost 2e)
  • Dragon-Blooded Novella #2 (Exalted 3rd Edition)

Second Draft

  • M20 Victorian Mage (Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition)
  • Exigents (Exalted 3rd Edition)
  • Crucible of Legends (Exalted 3rd Edition)
  • Many-Faced Strangers – Lunars Companion (Exalted 3rd Edition)


  • Heirs to the Shogunate (Exalted 3rd Edition)
  • TC: Aberrant Reference Screen (Trinity Continuum: Aberrant)
  • Scion: Demigod (Scion 2nd Edition)
  • Across the Eight Directions (Exalted 3rd Edition)
  • Contagion Chronicle: Global Outbreaks (Chronicles of Darkness)
  • Contagion Chronicle Jumpstart (Chronicles of Darkness)

Manuscript Approval

  • Scion: Dragon (Scion 2nd Edition)
  • Masks of the Mythos (Scion 2nd Edition)
  • Trinity Continuum Jumpstart (Trinity Continuum Core)

Post-Approval Development

  • Scion LARP Rules (Scion)
  • Titanomachy (Scion 2nd Edition)
  • One Foot in the Grave Jumpstart (Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2e)
  • Player’s Guide to the Contagion Chronicle (Chronicles of Darkness)


  • Lunars: Fangs at the Gate (Exalted 3rd Edition)
  • Geist 2e Fiction Anthology (Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition)
  • Dragon-Blooded Novella #1 (Exalted 3rd Edition)
  • Legendlore core book (Legendlore)
  • Mythical Denizens (Creatures of the World Bestiary) (Scion 2nd Edition)
  • Pirates of Pugmire KS-Added Adventure (Realms of Pugmire)
  • Trinity Continuum: Aberrant core (Trinity Continuum: Aberrant)
  • Terra Firma (Trinity Continuum: Aeon)
  • Deviant: The Renegades (Deviant: The Renegades)
  • Lunars Novella (Rosenberg) (Exalted 3rd Edition)
  • Buried Bones: Creating in the Realms of Pugmire (Realms of Pugmire)
  • Monsters of the Deep (They Came From Beneath the Sea!)
  • Tales of Aquatic Terror (They Came From Beneath the Sea!)
  • Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition core rulebook (Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition)

Post-Editing Development

  • TC: Aeon Ready-Made Characters (Trinity Continuum: Aeon)
  • Night Horrors: Nameless and Accursed (Mage: the Awakening Second Edition)
  • City of the Towered Tombs (Cavaliers of Mars)
  • W20 Shattered Dreams Gift Cards (Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th)
  • TC: Aeon Jumpstart (Trinity Continuum: Aeon)
  • Vigil Watch (Scarred Lands)
  • Scion Companion: Mysteries of the World (Scion 2nd Edition)
  • Cults of the Blood Gods (Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition)
  • Wraith20 Fiction Anthology (Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition)
  • Hunter: The Vigil 2e core (Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition)
  • Let the Streets Run Red (Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition)
  • M20 The Technocracy Reloaded (Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition)
  • WoD Ghost Hunters (World of Darkness)
  • Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad (Scarred Lands)



In Art Direction

  • Trinity Continuum: Aberrant – Rolling on this.
  • Hunter: The Vigil 2e
  • Ex3 Lunars – Art is in.
  • Night Horrors: Nameless and Accursed – Just waiting for cover art.
  • Cults of the Blood God (KS)
  • Mummy 2
  • City of the Towered Tombs – Recontracted.
  • Let the Streets Run Red – Contracted.
  • CtL Oak Ash and Thorn – Contracted.
  • Deviant
  • Legendlore (KS) – Pulling assets for KS.
  • Technocracy Reloaded (KS) – KS finals coming in.
  • Scion Companion – Working on art notes for that with Meredith.
  • TC: Aeon Terra Firma – Getting that rolling out.
  • WoD: Ghost Stories – Cover contracted.
  • Tales of Aquatic Terror

In Layout

  • Trinity Continuum Aeon: Distant Worlds – With Travis.
  • Pirates of Pugmire – With Aileen.
  • Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad – Ongoing.
  • Scion Mythical Denizens – In proofing but need some full page art to come in.
  • Contagion Chronicle – With Josh.
  • Vigil Watch – Getting first release ready for this month.
  • TCfBtS!: Heroic Land Dwellers


  • Dark Eras 2 – Backer PDF out to backers, errata ending.
  • Trinity Continuum Aeon Jumpstart
  • They Came from Beneath the Sea! – Backer PDF out to backers, errata wrapping up.
  • VtR Spilled Blood – At WW.
  • Chicago Folio – Sending for WW approval.
  • Wraith20 Anthology – Sending Backer PDF out to KS backers this week.

At Press

  • V5: Chicago – Shipping to stores, scheduled to go on sale this month.
  • Geist 2e (Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition) – At fulfillment shippers.
  • Geist 2e Screen – At fulfillment shippers.
  • DR:E – At fulfillment shippers.
  • DRE Screen – At fulfillment shippers.
  • DR:E Threat Guide – Helnau’s Guide to Wasteland Beasties
  • Memento Mori – Awaiting errata for input.
  • Trinity Continuum: Aeon RMCs – Wrapping up errata.

Today’s Reason to Celebrate!

Today is The Day The Music Died, when in 1959 a plane carrying The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, and Ritchie Valens crashed, killing all aboard. This was an event that gutted American Rock ‘n’ Roll and created a domino effect on US culture far beyond the music industry that I can expound on for hours, and have. So, to take my mind off of that, here are some folks that I like that were born today: Norman Rockwell, painter (1894), Shelley Berman, comedian (1925), Victor Buono, actor (1938), Blythe Danner, ethereal actress (1943), and Warwick Davis, actor in many legendary nerd films (1970).

  24 comments for “Hunting Prep 101 [Monday Meeting Notes]

  1. Matthew Blanchard
    February 3, 2020 at 11:59 pm


    Tuesday cannot come quickly enough. Hunter 1e was my very favorite of the NWoD line and I have been itching to get my hands on this edition.

    I don’t care what I’m running or playing, when this is in good enough shape to pull it out of the box I will drop whatever I’m doing and run this

    • Matthew Blanchard
      February 4, 2020 at 12:00 am

      Clearly I meant Thursday. Too excited to proofread. Let’s do this

    • richt
      February 4, 2020 at 12:08 am

      When you get the text as a backer, and James generally does a final assembled version, you’ll be able to play with that!

  2. Atavist
    February 3, 2020 at 11:59 pm

    Hola, hope you’re doing great, will be awesome to see Hunter in 2e, though I have to wonder…what is next?

    Aside from that, I had a questions and it’s one I’ve wanted to ask before but it’s always come too late (when the Kickstarter is running and sometimes options are out).

    Basically, the Kickstarters often have a backer tier like ‘An artist will put you in a book, based on a picture you sent in.’ If I didn’t want to turn people to stone when they looked at books and we decided to send in an image of my spouse or child, how is it generally handled? Would it be for the same line? Or could the person pop up in a Dystopia Rising book despite being from a Changeling the Lost KS (this is just an example)?

    • richt
      February 4, 2020 at 12:13 am

      We don’t check that people send in pics of themselves, although we’d need a pretty strong statement from a backer who tried to send us a picture of a child for inclusion in a horror book. We don’t cross the streams when it comes to Kickstarters, so if you pledge for a book in a specific game line, that’s the game line the art will be used as reference for. If only because the art reference rewards are limited in number, and it would hardly be fair to those who pledged for that reward in a book to let others from other KSs elbow their way in. Hope that helps!

      • Atavist
        February 4, 2020 at 12:40 am

        It does, thank you!

        • Yiodan
          February 4, 2020 at 10:55 am

          I have personally backed at this level twice for Werewolf the Apocalypse content, my all time favorite setting. And I did not regret it. The way I see it I’m now immortalized in the setting as a mysterious pentex employee walking around with an evil looking seagul. In my headcannon, my dangerous wargull fomori companion.

          • richt
            February 4, 2020 at 1:04 pm

            That explains all the seagulls swooping around the PAX Unplugged convention center during the con last December!

          • Yiodan
            February 4, 2020 at 2:53 pm

            Oups! Spoke too much again. Awww, well… that’s what Pentex Lawyers are paid for!

  3. Graylion
    February 4, 2020 at 12:30 am

    Can’t wait for Hunter 2e, quick question what is the Exalted 3e on sale this week the art has no title text.


    • richt
      February 4, 2020 at 12:42 am

      Go all the way down past the other art, and the paragraph of descriptive text lets you know that all the images are of the five Storyteller Screen PDFs we’re putting for sale on DTRPG this Wednesday.

  4. Nos4artu
    February 4, 2020 at 1:33 am

    Are there any plans to release the Scion 2nd ed Storyguide ascreen on DTRPG any time soon?

    • February 4, 2020 at 8:56 am

      Yup! No ETA, but it’s close!

      • Nos4artu
        February 6, 2020 at 6:09 am

        Woohoo! Cheers Eddy, much appreciated.

  5. Madam Mirror
    February 4, 2020 at 2:26 am

    Oh shit, I had no idea Chuck Wendig wrote HTV 1E let alone was dveloper! Holy shit small world.

    • richt
      February 4, 2020 at 1:00 pm

      Chuck was a very prolific writer back in the late original WW era. Besides being a fantastic writer even then, he was a dream to work with – professional and funny and always wanting to do more to master his craft. And Hunter first edition just screamed Wendig thematically. Small world, indeed!

  6. Greg Davis
    February 4, 2020 at 3:49 am

    “HtV 2e will be the last of the first edition core books needing to be updated to 2nd Edition”

    We know you’d love to, and you know we’d love you to, but we all know it can’t ever to happen – Demon 2nd Ed redux purely for the style and layout changes.*

    It’s only after you look back at the 1st edition books do you realise how brilliantly laid out 2nd edition books are.

    *Oh, and an appendix purely for stigmatics, and splat-specific merits.

    • Chris Shaffer
      February 4, 2020 at 7:08 am

      Not gonna lie, a revised Demon: The Descent that’s in line with the other 2nd edition releases would be pretty sweet. Even if for no other reason than the fact that as-written, it still assumes you have the first edition core book (which is easily replaced by the second edition core, but that’s still one more book you need than any of the other lines).

    • richt
      February 4, 2020 at 1:01 pm

      I don’t consider Demon to fall into the “first edition core” group of games, so don’t take that statement as being about it. Thanks!

  7. Evelina
    February 4, 2020 at 7:51 am

    Cant wait for Chicago Folio and LTSRR. Do you have a hunch of an inkling what month it will be done?

    • richt
      February 4, 2020 at 1:02 pm

      Not one we’re announcing. Just keep an eye on the Progress list each week here on the blog – their time will come!

  8. Aldo Montoya Reynaga
    February 5, 2020 at 4:04 pm

    Will you pitch the idea to White Wolf/Paradox for a Kickstarter for Chronicle of Darkness Rule book in a print run? I woukd love to see VtR, WtF & MtAw but I feel that the only 2nd edition beside the lines corebooks that need a print run would be Chronicles of Darkness.

    I know the books now work as stand alon and have the rules but all of them point out to the CoD book for more information and since CtL, GtSE, Beast and the other are a print run, having the core book in stores and not only a PoD would be excelent. I would me a backer there no dude.

  9. neil
    February 5, 2020 at 5:52 pm

    Whats the link for the Hunter KS

    • Ian A. A. Watson
      February 5, 2020 at 6:24 pm

      We’ll post it when it’s live. As above, it goes live Thursday at 2pm Eastern Time. It’s not Thursday yet.

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