March Pugmire Update


Greetings, citizens of Pugmire! It’s time for another update!


The Backer PDF went out, and we got some great errata. Thanks so much to the people who took the time to point out those little problems that can sometimes creep in — it’ll never be perfect, but you’ve saved me from some of the more embaressing typos! The book is now off for indexing, which means we’ll probably have a final version in April. And then, off to the printers to make beautiful physical books!


Now that the text is locked in, we’ve started work on the Pugmire Guide screen, the custom dice, and the card deck. All these are in the initial discussion stages, so I don’t have much say yet.


I finished the draft, and did an edit pass myself. While I want Early Access to read well, a lot changed between Pugmire Early Access and the final Pugmire book. Based on that, my time is better spent getting Mau to where I can have better conversations with the community, instead of making the text as polished as possible. It’s now over in art direction, so Mike and Rich can use the text to discuss how Mau will look compared to Pugmire.


I’ve looked over all the first drafts now for world consistency. We’re getting some amazing stories in, and I can’t wait for everyone to read them. And we have some great writers on board — some which you’re recognize from other Onyx Path products, but many others who are new to Onyx Path but not necessarily new to writing great stories. Even a couple of my friends from the video game industry have contributed. We need to finish a few things before we can release an author’s list, so that’s something to look forward to!


The first draft is in, and both Matthew Dawkins and I have offers our notes and redlines — Matt is handling the overall direction of the project, while I’m only handling world details and rules concerns to make sure it’s matching up with my vision for the line.


The audio team is still hard at work. We’ve run into a few snags, which isn’t unusual at this stage. The final product often deviates in little ways from the script — maybe a particular line isn’t working out right, or how I wrote it doesn’t work as well once it’s put together — and so we discuss how to design the audio with what we have. This is definitely the most time-intensive part of the process, but the team is doing wonderfully and we’re making good progress.


After transcribing my hand-written cards into something I can share with other humans, I have a Fetch Quest playtest package which I’ve sent off to a closed alpha playtest group. Before folks ask, I’m not opening up testing right now — things can and often do change rapidly at this stage, so I need to keep the number of people I communicate with manageable. If all goes as I envision, we’ll have an “early access” version of the game at some point for everyone to test out, but it’ll be a while before we get to that. Part of that is wanting to see what Onyx Path learns from doing the Prince’s Gambit Kickstarter. That will be our first card game KS campaign, and a great chance to see what works and what doesn’t before we make firm decisions on how to proceed with Fetch Quest. So, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear much about this until later in the year, but it’s definitely something I’m thinking about.


During and since the Kickstarter, I’ve been talking with several people about Pugmire licensing deals. One of those has finally come to pass: handmade Pugmire chibi amigurumi! I admit I didn’t know much about this art of knitting stuffed yarn creatures before we started talking, but McFidget Media Crafts have worked with me and Rich to come up with an adorable version of Yosha. I know some folks were disappointed that we never got to make Yosha dolls in the original Kickstarter, but this is the next best thing. Check out their Etsy page!


Wow! That’s a ton of updates right there, and there’s more in the background. As I said back in January, 2017 will be Pugmire’s year. But I should get back to work — there are some more Pugmire audio files I need to review. So, until next month, be a good dog!

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  1. Volesus
    March 10, 2017 at 6:43 pm

    Sounds like a lot of exciting stuff, thank you Eddy! Quick question: I love rats, always have, and was delighted to see that some rats live in Pugmire. Will there be anything on playable rats in Monarchies of Mao (cat/rat rivalry and all) or will they be dealt with later?

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