Media Spotlight: Onyx Path Con 2022


Time for an unusual media spotlight blog! You see, we were very busy over the weekend with Onyx Path Virtual Gaming Convention 2022, which was a tremendous success. However, we’re aware not all of you were able to attend. Who knows your reasons? Maybe you were playing They Came from Beyond the Grave! in person. Perhaps you were reading Scion: Hero cover to cover in anticipation of Demigod’s release. It could be that you were plotting out your next Trinity Continuum: Aberrant game so hard that you forgot we were streaming from Friday to Sunday!

Well worry not. This blog is to remind you that all our streams and games from the convention – from opening ceremonies to focused panels, and seriously horrific games of Mummy: The Curse to farcical games of They Came from Camp Murder Lake!, are all still available on Twitch and will soon be available on our YouTube channel.

If you can’t wait, here are the links to the Twitch channels where you can find all our panels and streams, and a big thank you to each of them for hosting our array of game content:

Just give each of them a Follow and if you’re feeling generous, a Subscribe (if you have Amazon Prime you can do so for free) and you can access all the videos from the convention!

If you’re patient, however, we’ll steadily be migrating every video from the convention to our YouTube channel. This won’t be immediate (if we just dump all the videos at once you won’t be able to navigate through them), but Subscribe and click the bell and you’ll be notified whenever a new video goes live:

Have fun trawling through our content from the convention and see you next week! Let us know in the comments below the announcement that you’re most hyped for or the games you most enjoyed!

  1 comment for “Media Spotlight: Onyx Path Con 2022

  1. Corey Reynolds
    June 16, 2022 at 8:26 am

    Most hyped announcement: Abyssals being given the green light (although we knew the team was already working on it). Maybe tied for that spot would be the possibility of a map of Yu-Shan during the Sidereals Kickstarter.

    Game most enjoyed: Temple of the Moon-God for Trinity Continuum Adventure! Mike Athey did a phenomenal job as Storyguide. I had so much fun with the game, I just launched a new Trinity Continuum podcast: Trinity Continuum Airwaves!

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