Media Spotlight: Reviews from R’lyeh

Scarred Lands, Scion, Trinity Continuum

Pookie unboxing Frostlands of Fenrilik

We’re starting up a new blog feature here at Onyx Path, where we spend every Tuesday shining a spotlight onto reviews, discussion videos, actual plays, interviews, and podcasts relating to our games!

Our first spotlight shines on Reviews from R’lyeh, a site operated by long-term roleplayer and writer, Matthew Pook! Matthew has taken it upon himself to review a host of our games over time, and not only does he write these reviews in long-form, he also produces videos discussing our games and unboxing them.

As an example, here’s a link to his written reviews of many of our Scion RPG books:

Here’s another, reviewing our Trinity core book:

Here’s an unboxing video of his where he chats about Dystopia Rising: Evolution:

And here’s another unboxing, this time of Scarred Lands: Yugman’s Guide to Ghelspad:

Please give Pookie your support, check out his website, and if any of the games he’s profiling interest you, pick up a copy!

If you have a website, podcast, actual play, or any other kind of media relating to our games, get in contact with me via, and we’ll profile your content in the coming weeks!

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