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This week, what I can relay about our Monday Lunch Meeting is pretty limited in that Eddy and I had quite a bit to cover, but most of it was behind the scenes or stuff that’ll be talked about soon. Nothing we can really blab about as yet. Which leaves the twenty minutes we talked about not letting the personal creative flame go out- buried beneath the weight of demanding job responsibilities, serial projects, and regular life. I’m struggling with wanting to do more Creative Director stuff- like finishing the “Making of the Art” PDFs for Children of the Revolution and W20– but needing to be The Publisher of Onyx Path, and Eddy is in a quandary as to how to balance his very exciting and demanding full time gig on the WoD MMO, with developing V20 projects, and doing personal work. In either of our cases, the need for focus and discipline, and to create to the order of external forces- no matter how cool our jobs are- has to be balanced with the fun and unordered exploration of creativity driven by forces from within us. After all, before we had our careers (and in my case that was around the time the dinosaurs (Jesus Horses?) ruled the earth) the creative impulse was what propelled us forward. It’s still there and access to it is what brings the fun and freshness to our creations- and the lack of it can burn us out. So it’s kind of an essential thing we were discussing, at least for us, but not something to belabor because YMMV.

So here are some very creative projects in progress:

–  God Machine Chronicle (nWoD) Reviewed one proof of two- will the second come Tuesday?… I’ll have some thoughts about GMC and Strix/Blood & Smoke Chronicles in a blog on the Onyx Path site (and probably linked elsewhere) that should be at least a little interesting. A teeny bit, maybe. [Note from Ian: GMC is out!]

–  Strix Chronicle Fiction Anthology (VtR) Strix is in Editing.

Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle (VtR) Crisis handled, new authors working on the project, and we’ve pushed back our release estimate by a month to compensate.

Mummy the Curse – The single volume PDF and standard color PoD, as well as the “virtual box set” PDFs are on sale and doing great. We’ve added separate product listings for the Player’s Book, the Screen PDF, and the SAS. Sent the KS edition files to the printer. We have gathered a double handful of online questions for CA Suleiman that he’ll be answering and we’ll post this week.

Exalted 3rd Edition:  Ian is working on the KS video- we’re fine-tuning it now. We’ll drop that into the rest of the KS shell and get feedback from our Dev team. From there we’ll submit. The Map artist/cartographer is moving to finalize the painted map- have printer samples that might be really map-tastic.

V20 Hunters Hunted 2:  Sending Chaney the HH2 backer names and we’ll make up the PDF. Justin’s writers have a deadline for their first drafts of the HH2 Anthology of 5/10.

– V20 Anarchs Unbound is in editing and we are getting art for it.

Deluxe Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition:  Sent the Deluxe W20 files to the printer (both Standard Deluxe and the Heavy Metal Edition). Saw proofs and the few corrections are going back to the printer this week. The W20 PoD versions look good right now, but waiting on new proofs. Mike Lee is three quarters-way through the W20Houses of the Moon” novel.  The Storyteller Screen files are going to press with W20. Bill has prepared the W20 Anthology outline and contracting prospective writers.  The Skinner is in layout and almost all the art is in. Jess Hartley is writing the White Howlers Tribe Book  and the W20 Cookbook is being outlined. Check out some news here:

Deluxe Mage the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition has Phil Brucato writing like a maniac and developing his writers, also like a maniac. Art notes and contracts out to our full-page artist, once we have some feedback from him I’ll look a posting an art blog along with Phil’s developer notes. Very early sketches for the fulls look awesome. Talking to more artists this week.

– W20 Changing Breeds is in layout.

W20 Rage Across the World: Most of the art is in but a bit continues to trickle in.

– Guildhalls of the Deathless (MtC) is being written.

Conventionbook: Progenitors (cMtA) is onsale now at DTRPG:

Conventionbook: Syndicate (cMtA) is in editing and art direction.

Mage Translation Guide is in Layout.

W20 Book of the Wyrm is being written and red-lined. Check out the W20 blog notes:

Trinity Continuum: Looking at the schedule to start setting up writing. John Snead is chasing me through the internet.

Scion:  Scion: Extras PoD is about ready to go live, and we’ll drop a small price tag on the PDF as well. Monica has some designer notes and extras we’ll be posting on the OP site.

– Demon: The Frutang: lots of example of play commentary including from Black Hat Matt McFarland’s play test are up on the new Demon blog: Check it out, there are quite a few playtests posted now and they give a very interesting (if early) look at the game. Text is being redlined and Rose is trying to get early art notes together.

Free RPG Day Project: Reap the Whirlwind, for VtR, is a combined 64 page booklet that combines a revised version of “Into the Void” and additional rules files from the Strix and God Machine Chronicles. This will be available at participating friendly local game stores June 15, and is on its way to the FRPGD warehouse.

Reason for Drinking: We’re up to a quintuple shot, but very close now to when the EX3 KS is ready!

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