Now Available: Distant Worlds for Æon, plus massive GM’s Day Sales!

Sales, Trinity Continuum: Æon

Now available in advance PDF via DriveThruRPG: Distant Worlds for Trinity Continuum: Æon!

New Mysteries, New Worlds, New Aliens, and Alien Heroes!

Distant Worlds expands the setting of Trinity Continuum: Æon with new worlds, new alien mysteries, and rules for playing actual aliens, the secretive telepathic Qin.

Distant Worlds requires both Trinity Continuum: Æon and the Trinity Continuum Corebook to play. Inside, you will find:

  • Further information about the eight extrasolar worlds described in Trinity Continuum: Æon, including new dangers and new opportunities for adventure.
  • Detailed write-ups of 10 new planets, including one that is home to a recently contacted intelligent alien species.
  • New technologies for interstellar travel and colonization, as well as a wealth of new devices created by aliens, and new Edges and Paths specifically for interstellar explorers and settlers.
  • The secrets of humanity’s alien allies, the mysterious Qin. This section includes descriptions of four Qin interstellar colonies as well as rules for creating and playing Qin characters and for designing and using custom-made Qin biosuits.


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Kickstarter Update

We have only one day remaining in the Kickstarter for Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition! We reached our $25,000 funding goal in under three hours, and are currently at $94,085, or 376%! Our thanks to the 1,870 backers!

We’ve reached the following stretch goals so far:

  • Hunter Storyteller Screen
  • Tending the Flame: Cells: A chapter on navigating Tier One hunter society. Compacts: A chapter on navigating Tier Two hunter society. Conspiracies: Eight expanded Tier Three hunter writeups.
  • The Ascending Ones archive: A bundle of Hunter 1e products, including Night Stalkers, Blood Drive, Dark Eras: Fallen Blossoms
  • Malleus Maleficarum scrolls: A bundle of Hunter 1e products, including Spirit Slayers, Bad Night at Blackmoon Farm, Under the Skin
  • Records of the Lucifuge: A bundle of Hunter 1e products, including Mortal Remains, Block by Bloody Block, and Tooth and Nail
  • Council of Bones Transcripts: A bundle of Hunter 1e products, including Witch Finders, Spearfinger, and Dark Eras: Doubting Souls
  • At-cost Backer T-shirt
  • Digital wallpaper

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