Now Available: Monthly Ex3travaganza!

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Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: Hundred Devils Night Parade part 10: Dream Hawk and Nameless Wretch for Exalted 3rd Edition!

From the frozen North to the burning South, and all directions in between, there are creatures that stalk Creation. Demons, spirits, monsters and even creatures who live alongside mankind are in every region.

In this collection you will find new foes, encounter old enemies, and learn the secrets of these denizens of Exalted 3rd Edition’s wondrous world.

Hundred Devils Night Parade: Dream Hawk and Nameless Wretch

The Dream Hawk and Nameless Wretch are fantastic additions to your Exalted game.

Also available in PDF: Adversaries of the Righteous part 5: Eska of the Seven Blades!

From the bustling streets of Nexus to the savage western seas, Creation is ripe with threats to mortals and Chosen alike. Crooked traders, vile occultists, and even zealous protectors of the Realm can be found in every city, satrapy, and region waiting for unsuspecting targets or standing their ground as they prepare for the inevitable.

In this collection you will meet new foes, encounter old enemies, and learn the inner workings of several different factions and societies dedicated to criminal activity, nefarious plotting, and more.

Adversaries of the Righteous: Eska of the Seven Blades

Cunning and deadly, Eska seeks strength through constant conflict.


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Kickstarter Update

25 hours left on the Trinity Continuum: Æon Kickstarter!!! OMG!!!:

  • The full Trinity Continuum core rulebook has been previewed, and the first five parts of the Æon book has been previewed. The final part, Setting Secrets, gets posted tomorrow.
  • We funded in under 3.5 hours, and have since raised $164,487 of our $50,000 goal, or 329%
  • We’ve got 1737 backers
  • We’ve passed 21 stretch goals:
    • The 1E Bundle has added Hidden AgendasLuna Rising: Psi Order ISRA & Luna SourcebookAmerica Offline: Psi Order Orgotek & FSA Sourcebook, Terra Verde: Psi Order Norça & Sudamérica SourcebookShattered Europe: Psi Order Æsculapians & Europe SourcebookStellar Frontier: Psi Order Upeo wa Macho & Extrasolar Space SourcebookAurora Australis: Psi Order Legions & Austronesia Sourcebook. That’s 16 PDFs for $15!
    • The Æon Æxpansion has sections on VARGs, Aberrants and Aberrant Cults, Noetic Biotech, Cyberware and Espionage-related hardtech, Modern-day Psions, new Weapons & Armor
    • In Media Res has scenarios for “Caper, Incorporated” and “Codename: Aquarius”
    • An Æon novella: Dawn
    • A limited-availability Trinity Continuum Kickstarter T-shirt
    • A Trinity Continuum and Trinity Continuum: Æon d10s unlocked on the Onyx Dice app
    • Two digital wallpapers

Community Spotlight

There’s no new Pugmire content this week on Canis Minor.

The following community-created content for Vampire has been added to the Storytellers Vault in the last week:

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