Now Available: Trinity Continuum Jumpstart in print, plus VTT Tokens!

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Now available in print from DriveThruRPG: A Quantum Leap: A Jumpstart for the Trinity Continuum Core Rules! (And what a coincidence, the PDF has been marked down 50% as part of the NYNG sale!)

“Potential is everywhere. You can’t really see it, but you can feel it. And all you really need to do is reach out, grab that potential in your hand, and bend it to your will. Nothing goes wrong if you just use your potential. I know it sounds easy. I can’t really tell you how to do it. But when you do, you’ll just know.”

— Janeka Spencer,
Neptune Foundation first responder

This jumpstart has everything you need to start playing an adventure in Trinity Continuum, including:

  • All the rules you need from Trinity Continuum
  • A full adventure, “A Quantum Leap,” ready to run
  • Five ready-made characters for players to pick up and play

Also available: A Quantum Leap VTT Tokens! Use these character tokens representing the pre-gen PCs and antagonists from A Quantum Leap in the VTT platform of your choice!

Also also: Trinity Continuum: Æon VTT Tokens! These tokens represent the signature character art from the nine major Allegiances featured in Trinity Continuum: Æon.


DriveThruRPG’s New Year, New Game sale runs for another 12 days, with nearly 50 Onyx Path products at up to 50% off!

Kickstarter Update

Onyx Path’s next Kickstarter will be a Scion 2nd Edition two-in-one: Scion: Dragon and Scion: Masks of the Mythos.

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