[Pugmire] May Update!


(Reposted from the Kickstarter)

Greetings, nobledogs! I have some more updates, but first a quick bit of re-organization. As a second Kickstarter comes over the horizon (more on that below!), I felt it was best to divide this update by Kickstarter campaign. That way Rose can more easily post this information across campaigns, and everyone is informed (some of you more than once!)


Pugmire Core Rulebook

We’re getting specifications from the printer, and tweaking things like the final cover. Exciting! (In a very technical and production-oriented way.)

Related Stuff

Dice, cards, and the screen are all proofed and off to their respective printers!
Last month, a backer asked about the state of the wooden boxes. I admit I hadn’t been keeping track of that, but Rich was on the ball. He tells me they’re all done and ready to be shipped once the rest of the items are printed. This is why Onyx Path is such a great partner to work with.

Fiction Anthology

Jim is sending notes out to the authors now, so they should be diving into their second drafts.

Pan’s Guide

Revisions are in! Matthew’s done his development pass (where he incorporates the revisions, tweaks the text a little, and generally makes the whole thing more seamless). Right now it’s on my desk to review, and then we move into the next and more unusual phase of things.


We’re at the home stretch! I have the second pass of audio edits on my desk to review as well. We’re also hard at work on the technology to get it into your ears. Odds are you’ll be listening and playing in the near future!


We’re getting close to the launch! I don’t have an exact date, but right now it’s looking like later this month. We’ll certainly post an update here when we’re getting ready to launch, so all you good dogs can be clever cats and jump right on it!

Monarchies of Mau Early Access

Final art is trickling in, and we’re now discussing the visual direction of the book to strike the right balance of looking LIKE Pugmire without being IDENTICAL to Pugmire. We definitely want these books to feel like companions, but cats have their own style.


Things are incredibly busy for Pugsteady (i.e., me) these days. On top of all the amazing Pugmire/Mau stuff and my additional consulting and contract work, my family and I are in the process of moving overseas! If all goes as planned, once the Mau Kickstarter is over I should be living in Dublin, Ireland. This has been in the works for several months now, so the change shouldn’t impact the Pugmire train TOO much, but there’s a chance things might be a little hectic for the next couple of months. So, for all your patience and enthusiasm, all I can say is “Go raibh maith agaibh!”