Richt Reminds about Jesper Myfors

Vampire: The Masquerade

Originally posted by Rich at the V20 Blog

A quick Easter treat for the eyes to go with all the chocolate bunny ears everyone not doubt has gorged themselves on. Below are two pieces by Jesper Myfors- the first in black and white from the VtM 2e Players’ Guide, the second is a new color piece intended for V20. One of the suggestions I had for our returning artists was that it would be fun to see how their styles and skills had developed in 10-20 years, and here’s an example for all of us to enjoy.



The interesting thing about Jesper is that he’s not only the ground-breaking original art director for Magic the Gathering, but that he is a hard-core, old school VtM fanatic as well. There has always been a huge fan population for VtM, both tabletop and live-action, in the Seattle area, and Jesper was one of the forerunners in the early days. In fact, IIRC, a huge chunk of WOTC’s staff in the early 90’s was made up of WW and VtM fans- many, if not most of them, in the Camarilla. So it’s great to have Jesper illustrating for this special, fan-dedicated, volume.