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They Came From Beneath The Sea! Kickstarter is NOW LIVE!

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The Kickstarter for They Came From Beneath The Sea! is now live!

They Came From Beneath The Sea! is a new tabletop RPG from Onyx Path, encompassing the wonder, horror, thrills, and hilarity of 1950s science fiction. This game evokes all that is great in the B-movies of decades ago, and provides a dynamic, fun experience at the table.

The players, as humans, live in a world under increasing attack. The attackers? Aliens from beneath the sea, obviously!

Adventures can range from the one-shot defense of small coastal town, to the lengthier liberation of a cruise ship invested with gill-kin, all the way to a campaign in which characters seize an alien submarine and ride it all the way down to the sea bed to take the fight to the invaders.

Put down your malt shakes, turn on the jukebox, and prepare your harpoons! You don’t want to be caught unawares when it’s revealed that They Came From Beneath The Sea!


They Came From the Onyx Path! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

So yeah! Right before the holidays, we’re starting our Kickstarter for They Came From Beneath the Sea!, our newest Storypath System game!

But Rich, why? Why start a KS so close to the holidays?

Well, our idea is to offer an Early Access PDF version of the game, with everything you need to get started, for backers to download – similar to the Early Access versions of Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau that we offered with their Kickstarters – and give folks a chance to play during the holidays.

So actually use that time when it’s hard to get folks focused on a Kickstarter, and then jump right back in on it when the holidays are over.

And, of course, your Kickstarter Concierge, Jaunty James Bell, will be on board with the KS to field your questions all during the holidays, too!

It really is a perfect “get-together” RPG, with the setting being a cinematic/TV based 1950s America (I’m guessing you’ll be able to expand that to any country if you can keep the genre in mind). Throw in the included Quip and ...32 COMMENTS

Winter of Man, part 6 of 6 [Realms of Pugmire]


“Your friend seems to be possessed,” Zola said, drawing his pistol.

“What are you doing to do, throw it at him?” Pan asked, drawing an arrow from his quiver. “Your magazine is in the paws of the big guy.” Zola swore and holstered the weapon, his eyes looking for a way past Rex.

“No,” Picassa said, shaking her head in disbelief. “Man would not allow such a thing to happen to the faithful.”

“You will not speak of the cat,” Rex intoned, as he swung his sword toward Pan. The hunter dodged out of the way, arrow at the ready.

“Don’t make me do this, Rex,” Pan said. The guardian snarled at the comment, and swung down again, cutting the shortbow in two.

“Stop!” Zola raised his paws and chanted in his strange language. A black substance that looked like stone oozed over his paws, and he pointed them at Rex. A burst of heat erupted, and Rex’s fur burst into flames. He howled in pain and dropped his sword. Pan leapt on him to smother the burning fur.

The cat raised his paws again, but ...1 COMMENT

Episode 30: Let’s Talk About Characters!

Onyx Pathcast

In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew tell you about their characters.


Eddy kicks off talking about the characters in Chill Third EditionWhat games have really striking and representational characters?Vampire the Masquerade had a very diverse (if occasionally problematic) base of charactersCyberpunk games like Shadowrun and Eclipse PhaseThe pros and cons of playing characters not like yourselfThe demographics of V5 Chicago by NightThe design goals of iconic and signature charactersWhat kinds of characters do we prefer to play?Dixie talks about her D&D halflingMatthew talks about his Shadowrun elfEddy talks about his D&D half-elfCharacters with familiesWhat characters were helpful to work something personal outMatthew learned as a GM from an awkward Pathfinder gameCharacters as a metaphor for real-world concernsWhat character concepts would we love to play?


Chill Third Edition: Phase: by Night Kickstarter: & Dragons: the Apocalypse: the Forsaken: Came From Beneath The Sea!: 1 COMMENT

Lasombra [Chicago by Night]

Vampire: The Masquerade

Greetings all! Matthew here, with a sneak peek of an update provided to backers of the Chicago by Night Kickstarter. Specifically, I want to show you some of the Welcome to the Night chapter, in which various Lasombra discuss their reasons for joining the Camarilla and how they intend to survive and flourish within that sect. Enjoy!

The Deal


I know it grates the balls of one such as yourself to consider bending to the Cam, but it’s time to face facts: we need to take it like a trooper just this once or prepare for a permanent filleting. I know which option I favor.

There’s word the Amici Noctis reached out to trusted Keepers, those with reputations for clan over sect loyalty, and the Friends arranged diplomatic missions by these same Keepers to the Anarchs and the Camarilla. At first these representatives are to make solitary offerings of fealty to the Ivory Tower, before petitioning for the entry of the entire clan.

I know what you’re thinking, and I thought the same. The act is going to be far from easy, but get ...3 COMMENTS

Now Available: Cavaliers of Mars and Mau merch!

Cavaliers of Mars, Chronicles of Darkness, Pugmire, Sales, Vampire: The Requiem

Now available from our RedBubble store:

Cavaliers of Mars: Chairo (postcards, stickers) Cavaliers of Mars: Illium (postcards, stickers, shirts) Cavaliers of Mars: Surtur (postcards, stickers) Cavaliers of Mars: Vance (postcards, stickers, shirts, mugs) Cavaliers of Mars: Ziggur (postcards, stickers, shirts) Cavaliers of Mars: Zodiac (postcards, stickers, shirts, mugs) Monarchies of Mau Callings: Champions (mugs) Monarchies of Mau Callings: Footpads (mugs) Monarchies of Mau Callings: Mancers (mugs) Monarchies of Mau Callings: Ministers (mugs) Monarchies of Mau Callings: Trackers (mugs) Monarchies of Mau Callings: Wanderers (mugs)


Kickstarter Update

Our next Kickstarter is They Came From Beneath The Sea!, coming December 17th, in less than a week!

Did you miss one of our previous Kickstarters? The following Kickstarted products are still open for preorders via BackerKit:

Dystopia Rising: Evolution: Dystopia Rising: Evolution rulebook Scion: Scion 2nd Edition (Origin and Hero) Trinity Continuum: Trinity Continuum (core rules and Trinity Continuum: Æon) Exalted: Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought Chronicles of Darkness: Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras 2 Changeling: The Lost: Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition Geist: The Sin-Eaters: Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition Community Spotlight

The following community-created content for Scarred Lands has been added to the Slarecian Vault in the last week:

Your product could be here! Have you considered ...READ MORE

The Jeremiad [Contagion Chronicle]

Chronicles of Darkness

Hi all! It’s been a little while since our last Contagion Chronicle preview! This time we are showing off the Jeremiad, another of the Sworn factions from the game:

The Jeremiad

Contagion as Divine Retribution

Pray for you? No, you’re going to get off your ass and put your own house in order. Or else.

In my dreams I see Her words scrawled in my blood on the walls of my Lair. “Teach them,” She says. “Teach them to fear themselves, and you set them on the path to righteousness. Your family needs you. You are your brother’s keeper.” So I keep them, my siblings, in the name of our Dark Mother. I show them all the horrors they hide in their hearts, as I hide my own, and together we reach for perfection beyond the pestilence. And when they falter, I am there to remind them what awaits, should they fall.

What Is the Contagion?

Remember that time God sent ten plagues to punish Egypt for enslaving the Israelites? Frogs raining from the sky, rivers running with blood, the whole shebang? We’re the Egyptians here. ...3 COMMENTS

How Is Onyx Pathing? [Monday Meeting Notes]

Monday Meeting, News

Figured that now would be a good time to take a look at how things are going with your favorite gaming company.

No, not them, I mean Onyx Path. Sheesh.

After all, we’re near the end of the year – at least the part before everything gets holiday crazy – and next week we start our They Came From Beneath the Sea! Kickstarter.

So let’s take advantage of the time period and have a little snapshot of where we are. We’ll do more of a “Year That Was” thing in a later blog, I think. (This one is long enough as it is – yeesh!)

2018 was a challenging year, but one where we were able to catch up – finally! – on a lot of projects and start delivering some delayed ones…as well as delivering a bunch of Kickstarter projects earlier than estimated!

If you recall from MMN blogs in the past, I started Onyx Path with a three-part plan for the sorts of projects we would take on, so let me divide my comments based on that.

1- Our Wholly Owned ...28 COMMENTS

Mother of Exiles [Dystopia Rising: Evolution]

Dystopia Rising

The tug boat growls as the captain kills the engine.

For a moment, Kai thinks they’re busted, and she nocks her loose arrow. But nothing stirs this far out on the river. Exhaling, she relaxes her arm and glances towards the stern.

In their wake, the Plunge, skeletal buildings glimmering with a thousand small fires, burning at every level which hasn’t collapsed into the swampy streets below. It’s beautiful, the way the orange dots meets the starry sky above. But it’s also a testament to hubris, and the Natural One knows it better than any of the Yorkers aboard the boat.

Once, even taller buildings stood in Old York, stretching from the tip of the Plunge all the way to the Heights and Iron Gardens. “Sky scrapers,” as the stories go, because they clawed holes in the sky. But they’re long gone, to nuclear fire and the waters below.

“We gotta paddle from here. Any of their riders hear us, whole thing’s toast before we start,” the captain whispers, stepping away from the wheel. “Everybody grab an oar. Not you, you keep watch ...READ MORE