Tales of the Aeon Society! Episode 6: Zorbo’s Evil Plan!

Onyx Pathcast, Trinity Continuum: Adventure!

Follow along as Max Mercer, a cunning daredevil with extraordinary luck, leads an amazing group of daring humans known only as the Aeon Society. These heroes travel all over the world to investigate strange phenomena, right wrongs, and protect the innocent.

This week’s episode: Zorbo’s Evil Plan! Will our heroes escape the air cage? Can they find Enkidu? And will they stop Zorbo’s mad scheme?

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Written by Eddy Webb
Directed by Drew Profit and Austin Beach
Sound Design and Production by Austin Beach
Musical Score by Dayn Leonardson

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Narrator, played by Austin Beach
  • Zorbo, played by Jeremy Hennessy
  • Max Mercer, played by Drew Profit
  • Danger Ace, played by Dayn Leonardson
  • “Lucky” Lucy Hebron, played by Marquita Richardson
  • Helen Perkins, played by Jessica Rainville
  • Enkidu, played by Mike Janson
  • Dr. Primoris, played by Mike Janson