V: The Future Unwritten, the Past Erased

Why must I mourn the attacks on those great Western
bastions: Paris, New York, and London? Do they mourn the attack on Kyoto? Are
they even aware of it?

I doubt it.

I doubt they know how we channeled Aether through
our blades to cut down the Martians. I doubt they know how we gave everything
we had to protect our people.

I doubt they look past the ends of their noses and
their narrow view of the world. Even if they did, they could scarcely
understand the struggle of the people they call “Japanese.” They do not
understand us, any more than they understand Martians, but we understand them.

I understand their attempts at softening my people
to better manipulate, assimilate, contaminate, colonize. I understand what they
have already done to the people of China. I reject their ways and so should
you. It doesn’t surprise me that they fell prey to the Martians as easily as we
did, that their military arsenals were no obstacle to the alien invaders.
Arrogance breeds vulnerability. Believe me; I know this intimately. Look at the
Meiji blockheads who think they control these islands. The West has more in
common …