Welcome to the Scarred Lands

Scarred Lands

Greetings, adventurer!

My name is Travis Legge, and I am the line developer for Onyx Path Publishing’s Scarred Lands. I would like to take a few moments to introduce you to the setting and help set the stage for your Expedition Scarred Lands adventures!

The world of Scarn is a blasted, war-torn shadow of a high-fantastic paradise. The continent of Ghelspad, where the adventures of Scarred Lands are set, was once a verdant land filled with beautiful forests, gently rolling hills, and vibrant savannahs. Heavily populated by mortals, Ghelspad was a strong source of faith for the young gods of Scarn, who gained power from worship. Their parents, the titans, neither needed nor cared for mortals, creating and destroying people and lands at the merest whim. These crimes, among many others, led the gods to rise up against the titans in a horrific conflict known as the Divine War or the Titanswar. The forces unleashed during this conflict blighted the forests, tainted the waters, and sapped the life from the savannahs. Though it came at great cost, the gods eventually stood victorious, having sundered, imprisoned, or banished the titans from Scarn.

Now, a century and a half after the final battle of the Divine War, Ghelspad is in the throes of rebirth. New nations have risen on the foundations of fallen empires. Many former titanspawn races, now known as the Redeemed, have joined the divine races in an attempt to move forward from the horrors of war and toward the promises of peace and civilization. The wilds are filled with pockets of tribal survivors, divine and redeemed, who try to tame the twisted wilds of Ghelspad. But all is not well in the world of Scarn, for the damage from the Titanswar runs deep. The land itself is wounded and poisoned. Titanspawn created during the war still run rampant throughout Ghelspad, seeking to resurrect their titanic masters or to simply visit bloody revenge on the divine races. Ancient ruins hold secrets of magic and learning that could be vital to healing the Scarred Lands, if they can be uncovered and retrieved by those brave enough to risk their lives as treasure hunters.

Scarn is a world in need of heroes! Will you answer the call?

Learn more about the Scarred Lands with the Scarred Lands Player’s Guide available now.