You Are Not Alone: Page 11

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Caption: Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles — Six Weeks Ago
Fireman: We've got to move back! Widen the damn exit lanes and let's get these people out of here!






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  1. Bulshock Avatar

    Oh? This is different. Are they Elites? Some other faction? Something else?

    1. WuseMajor Avatar

      My understanding is that Elites are mercenaries, Teragen are belivers in the Null Manifesto, and Aberrants are people who use the Null Manifesto as an excuse to go kill people.

      As such, I suspect these are Aberrants.

      1. Bulshock Avatar

        You’re right for the first two. The Aberrants do use the Null Manifesto as reason to kill people, but not indiscriminately. They go after those who enact anti-nova laws, have anti-nova agendas, and so on.

        This doesn’t look like that to me. It looks closer to a military attack. Plus Elites almost all go in for the mask thing.

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