You Are Not Alone: Page 18

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Antaeus (narrating): Ask yourself a question, Miss Jericho: What is humanity? What have you become? A virus perhaps. A cancer. Purveyors of myxomatosis, and thalidomide. Creators of sarin and novichok nerve agents. Fighters in a never-ending, unwinnable war. Dream killers. Life changers. Mass poisoners. Humanity is the first strike, perhaps, in the beginning of the end of the world.






3 responses to “You Are Not Alone: Page 18”

  1. Firanai Avatar

    I need you to see the world through my eyes so you can understand.

  2. WuseMajor Avatar

    Honestly, even that rates us too highly. Yes, we can turn the biosphere into an unlivable hothouse full of deadly gas, but so did ancient bacteria when they figured out photosynthesis.

    Humans can’t end the world. At best we’re just another mass extinction event.

    We can certainly end ourselves of course, but the Earth will keep on trucking along just like always.

  3. Argaal Avatar

    But Humans do this to their biosphere knowing the consequences of their behavior, bacteria probably did not.

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