Now Available: Hunter: The Vigil 2e, plus GM’s Day Sale!

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Now available in PDF and print: Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition!

You’ve stumbled into shadows.
You know what lurks in darkness.
There are more monsters tonight than ever before.
It’s time to fight back.

Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition includes:

Hunter presents a core set of rules and three options for gameplay for new or existing players. This game includes:

  • Overview of a hunter’s world and lore, the types of hunters you can play, and three separate tiers of gameplay.
  • Six compacts and six conspiracies with Endowments for tiered play.
  • Character creation, rules to hunt, equipment, Tilts, and Conditions.
  • Monster creation and locations where to hunt the strange and unexplained.
  • The Slasher Chronicle, Storyteller advice, and more!

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