Now Available: Trinity Continuum: Aether!

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: the Trinity Continuum: Aether Rulebook! Other Recent Releases Did you miss one of these recent releases? Sales It’s Christmas in July! Get up to 40% off nearly 1000 Onyx Path titles on DriveThruRPG, and up to 80% off titles on Roll20! Indie Press Revolution is holding the … Read more

[Curseborne] The Primal #1

The Primal are elemental fury made flesh. They are the monsters, animals, and feral instincts of a bygone age poured into mortal vessels. The Primal progenitor made a deal that was one part salvation, two parts curse. She forged a pact with the primal creature within her. It saved her family and provided them with … Read more

Let’s Get SHARDS! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Shards! That’s what we’re talking about! Mythic Shards! Which is our newest project for Scion 2e, and one that has a crowd funding campaign on BackerKit that started running just last week! So, I haven’t run out of exclamation points yet! As for the BackerKit campaign: Great news! We funded in less than a day, … Read more

Christmas in July sale!

It’s time for DriveThruRPG’s annual Christmas in July sale! Get up to 40% off almost 1000 Onyx Path titles! Plus save up to an incredible 80% off Onyx Path titles on Roll20! The sale lasts until the end of July, so grab your favourites while you can!

[CURSEBORNE] Liminal Spaces #1

Liminalities crease the world of Curseborne like subtle folds and seams, invisible until you’ve fallen into them. Liminalities are the “between spaces.” They confuse and disturb anyone who enters them and gives thought to their surroundings. For the pedestrian wearing headphones, keeping her eyes on the floor, just trudging through life, liminalities aren’t at all … Read more

Now Available: Curseborne Ashcan in Print!

Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: Curseborne Ashcan Edition! Merch Show off with this Curseborne Moth design! (Now’s a good time, because RedBubble is 30% off sitewide!) Other Recent Releases Did you miss one of these recent releases? Sales Indie Press Revolution is holding the Dog Days of Summer sale, with 50% select … Read more

[CURSEBORNE] What is Curseborne?

We’ve been asking this question for several months, and now it’s time to answer it. Curseborne is a game about modern frights, supernatural entities, found family, struggling to just make a life, pushing back against outdated traditions, and accepting that you’ll always be a monster even if you don’t act like one. The World and … Read more

Let’s Get MYTHIC! [Monday Meeting Notes]

MMN – MYTHIC Meeting Notes Blog! Beeeecauuuuse: Scion‘s Mythic Shards‘ crowdfunding campaign starts on BackerKit tomorrow, Tuesday the 16th, at 2pm EDT! Hoohaaa! The prelaunch link for the BK campaign is below in the Crowdfunding section of The Blurbs! If you’re interested in the campaign, signing up to be notified is a great way to … Read more