Now Available: The Book of Oblivion

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Now available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG: The Book of Oblivion for Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition!

The horror doesn’t stop just because you’re dead, my friend. 
You could say it’s only just begun.

Hell, I’ve been living inside your head for enough years to know your every tick, your every tension, your every failing and foible. It seems perverse that I had to wait until you were dead to act on each of them. At least now I can poke and prod you to my heart’s content, reforging you into the soul you were always meant to be.

And get this: If I fail, the whole Underworld — through storm, Spectre, and smith’s hammer — is going to rip you apart.

You’ll pray for Oblivion once we’re done with you.

The Book of Oblivion includes:

  • New Shadow Archetypes, Thorns, and an array of horrifying new antagonists.
  • Chapters devoted to Spectres, their terrible cults, and the rare process of Spectre redemption.
  • Deep explorations of the Tempest; the Labyrinth; the Dark Kingdoms of Flint, Gold, Ivory, Obsidian, and Swar; the Mirrorlands; and several other bizarre and fascinating Necropoli.


  • Oblivion Legion: Emerald Legion (sticker)
  • Oblivion Legion: Legion of Fate (sticker)
  • Oblivion Legion: Grim Legion (sticker)
  • Oblivion Legion: Iron Legion (sticker)
  • Oblivion Legion: Legion of Paupers (sticker)
  • Oblivion Legion: Penitent Legion (sticker)
  • Oblivion Legion: Silent Legion (sticker)
  • Oblivion Legion: Skeletal Legion (sticker)


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