Sidereals campaign is live!

The Sidereal Exalted are many things: Starry-eyed seers gifted with insight into the nature of fate. Elite agents of Heaven, troubleshooting threats to destiny in Creation and beyond. Legendary martial artists, whose secret techniques strike the soul and shatter reality. Celestial powerbrokers and intriguers who treat with gods as equals. Puppetmasters who steer the course of nations with a word in a queen’s ear.

And yet it is their curse to be forgotten by the world.

Sidereals: Charting Fate’s Course is an expansion for the Exalted Third Edition tabletop roleplaying game. It’s set in a mythic world where spirits walk openly among humanity, warring demigods topple kingdoms, and the restless dead roam on moonless nights. Heroes granted divine power contend against one another for the future of Creation. These are the Exalted!

The primary purpose behind this Kickstarter campaign is to enable Onyx Path to create the best version of Sidereals: Charting Fate’s Course that’s possible. Your support will allow Onyx Path to produce a deluxe hardcover edition for Kickstarter backers, as well as a PDF and eventual Print-on-Demand standard edition released for purchase.

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