Community Content Spotlight: Curious Creatures of the Frostlands

Scarred Lands

Hello! Travis Legge here to talk about some of the new Slarecian Vault content recently released to support Frostlands of Fenrilik! Today I’d like to focus on Curious Creatures of the Frostlands by Chad Lensch. This book offers six new creatures for use in Fenrilik which range from the absolutely adorable to the truly terrifying. Each creature is presented with a touch of lore that is wonderfully flavorful and keeps in step with the setting. Mechanically each offering is solid and could easily be adapted to any arctic 5e setting or environment. The cover price offers great value for your money, and the quality of the pdf layout and artwork is great.

Whether you want to surprise your players with a swarm of fuzzballs, confound them as they encounter a Fenrilik ooze, or terrify them in a surprise encounter with a drift lurker, this book has your bases covered. I thought the drift lurker was a particular standout creature, as its ability to generate heat internally makes it a creature that adventurers might hunt for simple survival. Each creature’s description includes similar story seeds which the game master can use to work these creatures into their own stories.

I highly recommend Curious Creatures of the Frostlands, both as a mini-bestiary and as a stellar example of what can be done for Fenrilik at the Slarecian Vault! Grab yourself a copy today and be inspired!