CURSEBORNE yaaaay! [Monday Meeting Notes]

At this last weekend’s Onyx Path Virtual Gaming Con (more on that later), we were finally able to talk about our newest game: Curseborne! This is a totally new game world/line that we’ve been working on for many years that features our return to horror and dark urban fantasy in a big, big way! I’m … Read more

PINNED To The Gates! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Sometimes, things come though. Call them daemons if you will. Sometimes, they don’t come through. What stops them? Are they simply pinned there by the magic of the gates…that opened the gates…or even something that is part of the gate’s other side? Damned if I know, but I do know this: our BackerKit crowdfunding campaign … Read more

ALMOST At The Gates! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Yep, just a week and a day as I write this and we’ll all be enjoying the At The Gates crowdfunding campaign on BackerKit! Powered by the Storypath Ultra system, game line two of the Earthbane Cycle of fantasy games, and inspired by creator Danielle Lauzon’s love of JRPGs! Yes, it’s a JRPG-inspired game. Obviously, … Read more

Taxing! [Monday Meeting Notes]

Yes, today is April 15th and here in the US that mean’s it’s Tax Day when we have to file our income taxes. So, not really a “yay!”, which is why it’s not the topic for the Reason To Celebrate all the way down there at the end of the MMN Blog, but a big … Read more