Community Content Spotlight: Drenched Heroes and Waterlogged Horrors

They Came From Beneath The Sea!

Hi all, Matthew Dawkins here again! Time for another community content spotlight for They Came from Beneath the Sea!. Please consider creating your own content and adding it to the Storypath Nexus. It’s easy to do and all the templates are there for you to use.

Today we take a look at the impressive Drenched Heroes and Waterlogged Horrors, which is a decent-sized community content product at 14 pages, containing a plethora of interesting (and amusing) playable characters and antagonists for use in your game, including such heroes as Russian defector, Aleks Koshkin (can he be trusted?) and Larry Lawrence, enemy of the fishmen, through to the sticky and disgusting humid hideout non-human prison and the chilling (or actually rather tepid) Water That Thinks! There’s even more besides, and we recommend you download yourself a copy so you can take a look.

Please consider creating some content yourself and putting it on sale!