Episode 115: The State of The World of Scion

Onyx Pathcast

In which Eddy and Dixie talk to Scion developer Neall Raemonn Price about the current status of the line.

  • Eddy’s name’s origin story and author names
  • Heights and cosplay?
  • Noms de plume
  • Looking back at Origin and Hero
  • Scion: Demigod
  • A bit on what to do in a game of Scion
  • Scion: God
  • Scion: Companion
  • Masks of the Mythos
  • Scion: Dragon
  • Other supplements: Saints and Monsters, Wyld Hunt, and Titanomachy
  • No Gods, No Masters
  • Scion Anthology
  • We let Matthew out of the box
  • What Scion projects we’re most excited for!
  • A bit on seeing your work illustrated


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