Episode 129: Games for Fun and Profit

Onyx Pathcast

In which the Eddy and Dixie cover for Matthew and talk about the challenges of playing games as game design professionals!

  • We are very distracted
  • Why game designers play games
  • Rise of solo play (fact check: We did have a solo play stretch goal on the Demigod Kickstarter)
  • Why Eddy keeps getting his dog’s name wrong
  • When’s the last time I played a game for fun?
  • Playtesting and white room balance is bullshit
  • Playing in games you worked on
  • Social anxiety and Gamehole Con
  • Dixie’s Switch tangent
  • Research and enjoyment aren’t binary
  • Characters we don’t usually play
  • Doing things that could be for work but for play
  • Optimum group sizes for video chat
  • Games that surprised us