Episode 166: Let’s Brainstorm Game Ideas and Concepts!

Onyx Pathcast

In which the trio makes up six new games!

  • Random plot generators
  • Our current projects
  • Eddy’s game of magical realism, clusters of tetrahedrons, and escape: Outside of the Box
  • Matthew’s game of occultism, l’appel du vide, and love: Leap of Faith
  • Dixie’s game of apocalypse, not turning into your parents, and opening a business: OK, Boomer
  • Eddy’s game of Western, torschlusspanik, and starting a family: Last Hope
  • Matthew’s game of comedy, sweating powerlessness, burnout, tight-chest, capitalist meaningless, and atonement: Z-Corp
  • Dixie’s game of surrealism, having a skewed version of reality, and wanting control: Checking In
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