[Pugmire] Status Updates for Pugmire and Mau!


Hello from lovely Ireland! After a somewhat chaotic couple of weeks getting myself and Murray Pug to Eire (including a cross-country drive from Atlanta to San Francisco), I have an update on all things Pugmire and Mau!



The book, dice, cards, pins, and screen are all printed and are being shipped to our distribution warehouse, so last week the BackerKit was locked down. If all goes well, by this time next month many of you should already have your materials in hand. If you haven’t filled out your survey yet — there are 63 of you out there — we’d love to get your stuff to you!

(If you’ve having problems with the BackerKit survey, comments here won’t be useful. Instead, click on Richard Thomas’ face in the upper-right and use the “Contact me” button.)

Other Projects

Writers are continuing to rewrite their stories for the Pugmire anthology.

Pan’s Guide is back in the hands of Matthew Dawkins, who is addressing my comments before we have another chat about it.

I’ve been listening to lines for the non-interactive audio drama, and it’s sounding pretty good!

Earplay is getting the last round of audio polish.



With the help of 1,970 of you, we raised $118,534 to make Monarchies of Mau into a reality! We’ll be able to make not only the Mau book, but dice, a Guide screen, pins, a Kickstarter-exclusive shirt, an adventure collection, a fiction anthology, a book of pre-generated cats and dogs, and another Earplay adventure! Rich and I need to sit down and start talking numbers now that the Pugmire campaign is close to shipping and the Mau campaign is finished. Budgets are less exciting, but still an important part of the process.

Monarchies of Mau Book

The next step is starting work on the core book. This time around I’m building a team to write it, instead of doing most of the writing myself. As such, I’m planning to spend this month writing a comprehensive outline, polishing the writer’s documents, hiring my team, and kicking things into gear. Again, this is less exciting “getting things made” phase of things, but writing should begin in earnest soon!


I’ll be at Gen Con next month! Some games of Pugmire and Mau will be run by the ever-impressive Wrecking Crew, and we’ll have some demos of both at the booth. For those that can make it, I hope to see you there (even if I’m pretty jet-lagged)!